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Making the Perfect Cold Brew Is INSANELY Easy With Tayst Coffee Pods

Summertime is heating up.  With all the sunshine and warm temperatures comes one of the hottest trends to ever hit the coffee world… Cold brew!

It’s true. There is nothing better than a bold, creamy cup of cold brew on a hot summer’s day. But still, most people settle for hot coffee poured over ice.

I don’t know about you, but lukewarm, watered-down, sour-tasting coffee is NOT my idea of a refreshing “pick me up” beverage.

Then why do people still do it? One reason is that a lot of people think making cold brew is difficult.

You might think that you need a perfectly temperature controlled cooler or one of those slow-drip brewers that look more like a torture device to make high quality cold brew. Maybe you think that you could never get it to taste as good as your local coffee shop. Or, given the outrageous prices at cafés, you might assume that cold brew is too expensive.

But none of those things are true. You can make great-tasting, inexpensive cold brew right in your own kitchen.

And with Tayst single-serve coffee pods, it couldn’t possibly be any easier.

No, seriously… Our method for making cold brew is so easy it’s fail-proof.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a series of blog posts detailing all the materials you’ll need (not many), everything you’ll need to do (not much), and just some of the things you can make with the results (a ton!).

Coldbrew coffee

So why cold brew?

Like we said before, cold coffee and a hot day are a match made in heaven. But even more than that, we think the way most people make iced coffee is gross! You deserve better than that.

Contrary to what many people believe, cold brew can be cheap, easy, and delicious. There are so many things you can do with it, and it can actually save you a huge amount of time in the long-run (more on that in a later post).

There’s a reason that so many people have grown to love cold brew. Actually, there’s no reason not to love it!

The Tayst philosophy

What makes us different? At Tayst, we’re completely revolutionizing the way people drink and think about coffee.

The coffee industry has a huge environmental problem, especially when it comes to Keurig machines and their plastic K-pods. Our pods contain ZERO plastic and are 100% compostable, meaning that they never have to end up in a landfill.(If you want to learn more about why plastic pods are destructive to both the earth and your own bodily health, [read this](LINK TO PLASTIC POST).

In fact, Tayst pods actually help the environment by putting nutrients back into the soil as they decompose. And, most importantly, the coffee tastes great.

Coffee that you and the planet will love… That’s the motivation behind everything we do.

Coming up next

What’s coming up

In the next few posts we’ll tell you what supplies you need, walk you through the process, and give you creative ideas for things you can do with cold brew.

You won’t need any fancy equipment, and you won’t have to spend hours training like a barista. We promise that our method will be the easiest you’ll ever see.

Stay tuned and give our cold brew a try. With a process as unbelievably simple as ours, you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll enjoy it.

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Stay tuned for more on Cold Brew.