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Importance of Good Coffee In Hotels

Did you know that 60% of American travelers value great coffee at their hotels or Airbnbs? Half of that 60% even bring their own coffee with them, that’s how important it is. Brewing their favorite coffee is part of many’s morning routine and that doesn’t just stop when they’re traveling.

Hotel Coffee

The Difference Between a Good and Great Experience

While it may seem trivial to some, nice amenities could really make a difference for the guest. Maybe the room and service at the hotel were good, but nothing to write home about. If there are free hotel amenities that wow the guest, that might be what it takes for them to write a positive online review or tell others about their great stay. Some people even complete their hotel search by trying to find the hotel that has the best amenities.

Coffee is King

Want to really wow guests? Having a coffee maker in each hotel room can really have the experience go above and beyond. If you want to even take it one step further than above and beyond (kudos to you), you can get delicious coffee that is also eco-friendly. For Keurig machines, our compostable and biodegradable coffee pods are a top choice coming in a multitude of flavors. For Nespresso machines, we make compostable and biodegradable espresso pods. We even make delicious ground coffee for drip or pour over coffee makers.


“I underestimated the power and appeal of this coffee. In less than a week 2 flavors are gone.  We are receiving more feedback from our guests about coffee than ever before. The fact that the [Tayst] pods and just about everything that gets shipped is either compostable or recyclable is another added benefit.” - Michelle O. from New York, NY


hotel coffee

Great hotel coffee can be the difference between a 3 star review and a 5 star review. Tayst is sustainably sourced, being Rainforest Alliance Certified, and your business can reduce it’s footprint by switching to Tayst plastic-free pods. If you want to learn more about our bulk coffee options, we can send you a free sample box to try out.