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Eco-friendly In-room Coffee

Pods for Keurig

Elevate your hotel's coffee game with our sustainable, expertly roasted premium beans. Our compostable pods* for Keurig are individually wrapped and the perfect amenity for your guests.

Pure green tea

Bigelow Teas

An organic alternative to standard tea bags, this tea is packed with naturally-delicious flavor in each cup. Plus, it is made with simple, quality ingredients that are gluten-free and non-GMO.

In Room Machines

If you are looking to upgrade your in-room coffee machines, Tayst offers a variety of machines at competitive pricing. Machines offered for purchase or leasing.

Elevate your coffee experience

Surprise your guests with remarkable coffee that's better for them and the planet!

Let Tayst enhance your guest room experience. Transition from traditional plastic k cups into Tayst's compostable pods* for your Keurigs. Simple changes have great impact. Hotels and switching to Tayst for better coffee that is honestly priced and sustainably sourced. We have no contracts, and order is easy and convenient.

Tayst is perfect for



Bed & Breakfasts


Restaurants / Bars

Why Tayst?

Compostable pods* for Keurig & Nespresso that are honestly priced.

Healthier for your guests and the planet Offer your guests better coffee and enhance their stay with you.

Sustainably Sourced Premium Coffees

Our beans are grown in harmony with the Earth. Through the Rainforest Alliance, every cup you purchase helps support the families and the communities where the coffee is grown.

Simple Ordering. No Contracts. Convenient Delivery

Ordering takes 5 minutes. Your coffee will be conveniently shipped monthly or the schedule that works best for your property.

Meet our Blends for Keurig

Insanely great coffee... awesome for the planet.

Bold & Brazen

Like a kick in the cup! This bold blend offers a rich deep flavor with a smokey cocoa finish. Be bold and brazen without shame.

Medium & Magnificent

Have an unreal day! Start with this Magnificent brew in your cup. Tinge of fruity mocha, subtle body, full of flavor! Who wants to be magnificent? We do!

Vintage Vanilla Cream

Our Vintage Vanilla is the bee's knees. Its base of a medium South American blend spun and ground down with old school natural vanilla oils. The flavor it produces is extraordinary.

Defiantly Decaf

You won't believe this is a decaf. It's a champion of deep, dark rich characteristics. It's been washed of its caffeine, but is drown in flavor.

Which would you like to try?

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Our Mission

Every pod you purchase from Tayst helps to reduce the plastic waste that pollutes our landfills.

Our goal is to make great products while stopping plastic from hitting our oceans and landfills. By making a small change you can make a difference.

What Customers Have To Say

Jim M Nov 7, 2022
When we were looking to start our in room service and our complimentary breakfast; I researched small sustainable companies who produce wonderful products. One of these companies is Tayst Coffee and tea. Our guests love all of the products and with our upgraded in room experience, Bigelow Steep Cafe Teas are wonderful. Paired with four coffee choices it just makes harmony. You will enjoy these products and the companies story.
Abigail H December 5, 2022
Very good product. Tastes great! I love the concept of moving towards less waste. I run a small, boutique hotel that goes through a lot of Keurig coffee. Thank you for the sample set.
Amy J Jan. 4, 2023
Absolutely love this coffee I experienced at a recent hotel stay! So excited by this awesome package I received and hand written note!!! ☕️
Douglas G October 21, 2022
This is some of the best Pod coffee I have ever had ! I am so glad that the Boston Park Hotel had this in the room or I would have never found you! and I am so glad that your are earth friendly in your packaging.

Delicious Coffee for Better Hospitality

An eco-friendly solution for Keurig and Nespresso machines.

Compostable Pods* for your Keurig and Nespresso

  • Sustainably Sourced, Rainforest Alliance Coffee
  • Convenient Ordering & Delivery
  • Freshly Roasted Monthly
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