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There’s a coffee gift set that’s right for everyone. You pick the perfect one and we’ll handle everything else. Give the best sustainably sourced coffee in 100% compostable pods for a Keurig Machine! Ship your gift to you or directly to your recipient!

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Coffee Gift Package

Give a curated variety of premium coffee pods, accompanied by a set of awesome Tayst mugs that are sure to be household favorites.

30 cups of coffee

  • - 10 Cups Bold & Brazen
  • - 10 Cups Medium & Heroic
  • - 10 Vintage Vanilla Cream
  • - A surprise "gift" in every box!

This Gift includes:

1 Virtual Hug

2 Tayst Mugs

Get ready for some friend hugs!

Tayst Coffee Experience

This gift box offers an assortment of our most popular bold, medium and flavored coffee blends. You're friend will enjoy Tayst Coffee morning, noon and night... so get ready for lots of thanks and praise.

60 cups of coffee

  • - 10 Cups Bold & Brazen
  • - 10 Cups Bold & Brilliant
  • - 10 Cups Medium & Heroic
  • - 10 Cups Medium & Magnificent
  • - 10 Cups Vintage Vanilla Cream
  • - 10 Cups Happy Hazelnut
  • - A suprise "gift" in every box!


1 Coffee Jar

2 Tayst Mugs

Give the gift that gives all month long!

The Coffee Lover

Really want to impress a friend or colleague? The Coffee Lover package is made to enhance any home or office coffee setup. With a melange of bold, medium and flavored coffees and mugs and coffee jars, this gift will move you to the #1 friend ranking!

140 cups of coffee

  • - 20 Cups Bold & Brazen
  • - 20 Cups Bold & Brilliant
  • - 20 Cups Medium & Heroic
  • - 20 Cups Medium & Magnificent
  • - 20 Cups Vintage Vanilla Cream
  • - 20 Cups Happy Hazelnut
  • - 20 Cups Defiantly Decaf


3 Coffee Jars

2 Tayst Mugs

This is "The Full Monty" of coffee gifts!