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The Essentials

FAQs About Coffee Essentials

What are coffee bar essentials?

While it is important to make sure your coffee beans are delicious and properly harvested, they aren’t the only factor when brewing great coffee at home. If you’re a real coffee lover it’s time to invest in coffee cart essentials. A coffee bar (or coffee cart) is a counter space or cart where you have your coffee-making and storing supplies. There are plenty of at-home coffee station ideas that go into more detail about how best to set up a coffee bar, but first, you need the tools. A coffee bar should have things to store your coffee, make your coffee, and preserve your coffee so every cup is fresh and delicious.

What’s the best way to store coffee?

When it comes to storing your coffee, you should store them in an opaque, airtight container, kept on your coffee bar as an essential item that is easy to reach. Making sure your coffee is in a sealed container will guarantee that your coffee is preserved for longer periods, which is why we recommend having Tayst Clips to seal your bag of coffee airtight. If you have whole beans, we would also recommend keeping the sealed jar wrapped in our Tayst Tote bags (if there’s a risk of being exposed to sunlight). Sunlight can compromise the flavor of your beans.

Should you freeze your beans?

Many people will swear that freezing your coffee will preserve freshness, but we are here to tell you that this does not work! On the contrary, studies have shown storing your coffee in the fridge or freezer can result in moisture in the package. Moisture is the enemy of coffee and can dull the bean’s flavor.

What type of coffee should you brew with a french press?

A dark roast is a perfect option for this coffee bar accessory. This is because of the filtration process involved in the french press. Since there’s no paper filter to stop the essential oils during the brewing process, they give your coffee a stronger, bolder flavor than you usually get from drip coffee. We recommend a coarse, even grind when brewing coffee in a french press. The coffee grounds should look similar to coarse sea salt. Let the coffee get immersed in the french press for 3-5 minutes and you got a delicious cup of coffee.

What is the best way to store coffee pods?

Store your K cups with our coffee jar (featuring a bamboo lid). It can fit 25 cups in a simple square shape, allowing easy storage on your countertop or in a cupboard. This is why they are not just the perfect coffee bar essential, they are perfect for your everyday morning routine by making storage easier than ever. K cups (or espresso pods) are perfect for the morning when you need to go go go and have no no no time to make coffee.

What do you need to make cold brew coffee at home?

Another delicious option is cold brew, and it can be an easy-fit coffee bar essential considering how simple it is to make cold brew with the Tayst Cold Brew Jar. Just pop a few Tayst coffee pods and water into one of our canisters and let it sit overnight. It is really that easy.

How to take coffee on the go?

A coffee bar essential doesn’t have to stay with the coffee cart. If you have to go to work you want your coffee hot and ready when you sit down in the office. The perfect solution is an insulated travel mug tumbler. The insulation means no heat can escape, leaving you with a cup of coffee as fresh as the moment you brewed it. But if you want an iced coffee and are afraid the morning rush hour to work is going to melt your cool, don’t worry, because the insulation keeps it cold as well! Now every workday your coffee will be as fresh as possible.

How do you set up a coffee bar and its accessories at home?

Three things: space, patience, and preference. Look at the space you have and ask yourself: what can fit there comfortably, while still leaving me with ample space to make coffee? Then consider what you (or your roomies, partner, or family) prefer. Do they like cold brew, coffee with sugar, or a simple hot cup of black coffee? The choice is yours, but regardless, coffee bar essentials will make it easy.