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2lb bag - Whole Bean

2lb bag - Whole Bean

Bold & Brazen

Deep & Rich, Smokey Cocoa, Silky Smooth, Non AcidicLearn more >

19.98 / bag monthly

2lb bag - Whole Bean

Medium & Magnificent

Citrus Zest, Roasted Hazelnut, Caramel, Black Pepper finishLearn more >

19.98 / bag monthly

2lb bag - Whole Bean

Defiantly Decaf

Swiss Water Decaf, Deep & Rich, Smokey NotesLearn more >

19.98 / bag monthly




Your favorite beans are now available in two-pound bags! While our ground coffee beans or pods for Keurig are just as delicious, buying whole bean coffee gives you the freedom to grind the beans yourself. Roasted to perfection and harvested by rainforest-certified farmers from South America, we prioritize our coffee from the beginning to the very end, when we deliver our premium coffee beans to your front door. Our small batch beans offer a consistent, deep, rich flavor profile, and we have a flavor for every preference

2.Voted #1 Tasting Coffee Bean Subscription !

You've never had better-tasting gourmet coffee beans. After sampling 1000s of coffee beans from around the world, we created 3 premium bean blends that we're proud to have represent our brand. Whether you enjoy medium coffee, rich bold blends, or whole bean decaf coffee, you can try some of them or all of them each month with our coffee bean delivery. Premium coffee beans never sacrifice convenience, so regardless if you are a household, or are running an office or corporate space, our coffee delivery will have everything you need.  


Knowing where your coffee comes from is an important part of buying whole coffee beans with a sustainable message. That’s why we ensure our fair trade coffee is better, more affordable, 100% sustainable, and eco-friendly. That’s our mission. We aren’t just known for designing the first compostable* coffee pod (though we did do that), we are all about creating a sustainable coffee-producing process from the ground up. From the farmers to your dining room table, sustainable premium coffee beans can be delivered to your home.  


We roast and ship fresh coffee weekly. Change your blends, or cancel anytime... you're in control. Our 2lb bags of whole bean coffee are all about the freedom to brew your coffee to your liking. Our customers love us for a reason, want to find out for yourself? 


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FAQs About Tayst Whole Bean Coffee

How does the Tayst coffee beans subscription box work?

It’s simple! Our coffee beans subscription works in 3 steps:
  1. Choose how many 2lb bags of our organic coffee beans you want
  2. Choose your flavor:
    1. Bold & Brazen
    2. Medium & Magnificent
    3. Defiantly Decaf
  3. Add to cart and check out!
  4. Receive your selection monthly until you decide to cancel.

Can I change or modify my coffee bean delivery?

Absolutely! You can change or cancel your coffee bean selection at any time by visiting your account and selecting the amount of whole beans, frequency and flavors.

What types of coffee beans does Tayst offer?

We currently have 3 coffee whole bean flavors available, and continue to add more regularly. Our current lineup includes:
  • Bold & Brazen
  • Medium & Magnificent
  • Defiantly Decaf

Do I have to subscribe to a coffee bean box?

Nope! We also offer the option to purchase a one time coffee bean delivery.

How to Grind Coffee Beans

There are specific bean grinders on the market that you can use to grind up your organic coffee beans. If you don’t want to buy that, you may be asking “can I grind coffee beans in a blender?” The answer is yes! Put your whole beans in the blender in small batches (about ¼ cup) and pulse on medium speed until beans are ground up consistently. Make sure not to over-blend and heat up the beans, that could cause a harsh bitter tasting coffee.

Coffee Bean Storage

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually better to store coffee beans at room temperature rather than the refrigerator or freezer. Storing your whole bean coffee in your pantry is actually the perfect spot for it. If you put it in your fridge, it will end up absorbing all of the food smells in your fridge, which will result in a disappointing cup of coffee.

Whole Bean vs. Ground Coffee

Is there a difference in the freshness of the coffee? If you were to go to a supermarket and buy ground coffee, there would be a noticeable difference in the coffee beans because those are usually already stale before you can buy them. At Tayst, the freshness argument is moot, because all of our beans are freshly roasted right before shipping to your door, whole or ground.

The main difference of whole bean vs. ground coffee is in the coarseness of the beans. With pre-ground coffee, the coarseness of the beans is pre-determined for you, but with whole bean coffee you have the freedom to decide the size of your grind. You can enhance the flavor of your coffee if you are using the optimal coffee grind size. For cold brew coffee or a french press, coarser grinds work well. For a drip coffeemaker, you’ll want more medium ground beans.

Do Coffee Beans Expire?

Not all good things have to come to an end, but unfortunately your coffee must. If you haven’t finished your whole bean coffee in 9 months or so, you should toss it and buy a new batch.