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Tayst is an Eco Friendly coffee company.

There are many coffee options you can serve your guests, but when you offer a mission and story, it sticks with them for a lifetime. Serving coffee that not only tastes amazing but is also great for the planet, helps to forms a deeper connection with guests.

Tayst Coffee offers Meaningful Hospitality focusing on reducing plastic waste from our landfills and connecting your customers to comfort... and you!

Mission to Sustainability

We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality in both our products and the way they’re produced. We only get one planet.

In Room coffee

We only select the top 3% of the beans grown across South America. Our coffees come from Rainforest Alliance farmers and are grown in harmony with the planet.


With the most competitive price point on the market, Tayst Coffee Machines can’t be beat. Show your guests you care about quality and the planet.

In Room Cards

Do you need recipe or instruction cards to accompany our brews? We’ve got you covered.

In room coffee

Pods for Keurig

We searched high and low for a way to create high quality coffee that wouldn't harm the planet. Our revolutionary compostable pods* are now available individually wrapped for a sale and sanitary in-room coffee solution.

Capsules For Espresso

For those of us who love a kick in our cup, we offer Nespresso ® compatible capsules - minus the guilt. Our capsules are fully compostable* and come straight from Italy, where espresso was invented. Your guests can enjoy eco friendly in-room espresso.

In Room Machines

With the most competitive price point on the market, Tayst Coffee Machines can’t be beat. Show your patrons you care about quality and the planet.


We always want to go the extra mile for our customers. That's why we automatically include customized in-room cards with your logo and brand style, which lay out instructions for brewing as well as your mission towards a sustainable future.

Hospitality Partners

How it works

Lets us know what you need and we will customize a package for you. In-room cards Included!
Select your coffee type, blends, and coffee station needs and let us do the rest.
Impress your guests with the best tasting sustainable coffee in the market.

Show your guests you care

Tayst is focused on transitioning hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts away from traditional, plastic, single use coffee products. Today and into the future, compostable* products are a must. 

Tayst puts nutrients back into the soil, while you can rest knowing you've made your guests happy.

Our Mission

To eliminate single-use plastic and harmful packaging from coffee by offering a zero-waste, sustainable suite of coffee products for your guests and staff.

Superior beans

Starts with small shareholder farmers in partnership with Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee.

Zero waste innovation

Everything we use in our packaging is recyclable or BPI certified commercially compostable*.

Responsible packaging

Our ring and bags are made from plants where conventional plastic is made from petroleum. We source from renewable source instead of fossil fuel, non-renewable resources.

Social responsibility

Together we can stop 100,000,000 plastic cups from ending up in our landfills.