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Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee
Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee
Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee
Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee
Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee
Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee

Medium & Magnificent Whole Bean Coffee

This meduim roast coffee blend has a tinge of fruity mocha and subtle body so you can start your day with a bang! Our roasting and oil extraction process enhances the fruit and mocha undertones so you can get the full flavor profile.
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Ethically Sourced



Product Description

Have an unreal day! Start with this Magnificent brew in your cup. A tinge of fruity mocha, subtle body, full of flavor! Who wants to be magnificent with a cup of ethical coffee? We do!


This fan favorite blend is now available in two-pound bags!  Our small batch beans offer a consistent, deep, rich flavor profile. Our beans can be ground to any level for your drip brew, pour over, or french press.

Remarkable coffee. Better planet!

Our premium beans are roasted deep and cooled slow then portioned into a compostable pod* for your Keurig. No bad plastic waste, no bad plastic taste!

Compostable Pods*

Sustainably Sourced Premium Coffee from the Rainforest Alliance

Freshly roasted and cooled slow to maximize the remarkable flavors.

Why Tayst?

Full line of Sustainable Coffee Products

Eco-Friendly, and Plant Based Packaing

Support Coffee Farmers & Communities

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Doing Good Feels Great!

A frequently asked questions

What types of coffee beans does Tayst offer?

We currently have 3 coffee whole bean flavors available, and continue to add more regularly. Our current lineup includes:

• Bold & Brazen
• Medium & Magnificent
• Defiantly Decaf

What Makes Tayst Different?

Our mission to sustainability is connected to every aspect of the Tayst Coffee Brand. Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farmers. compostable* packaging. From harvesting the coffee bean to brewing a cup of coffee, this ethical cup of coffee doesn’t just taste good but makes you feel good as well.

Where is your coffee from?

It all starts with the bean, the people who grow it and the soil it is sown. We only select the finest beans from some of the most fertile soil in South America, giving our beans the finest roasted flavors. We support farmers and communities through the Rainforest Alliance; an organization that works with coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods and the health and well-being of their communities.

How to grind coffee beans

There are specific bean grinders on the market that you can use to grind up your organic coffee beans. If you don’t want to buy that, you may be asking “can I grind coffee beans in a blender?” The answer is yes! Put your whole beans in the blender in small batches (about ¼ cup) and pulse on medium speed until beans are ground up consistently. Make sure not to over-blend and heat up the beans, that could cause a harsh bitter tasting coffee.