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We Don’t Compost: Common Misconceptions in the Single Serve Coffee Industry

 graph of all of the landfills in the US

To say America is a land of waste is an understatement. The map above shows the number of landfills throughout our country.

As demand for compostable products increases, these landfills may begin to decrease as more industrial compost facilities develop and landfill waste is reduced as a result.

I hear it often. “We love that Tayst Coffee makes a compostable pod* for the Keurig machine but we don’t compost, therefore we can't purchase them”.

Yes, yes you can! We don't prefer our pods end up in a landfill but, if they do, it's far better than the alternative. We are disrupting the global supply chain of plastic pods!

As consumers, our dollar drives business. We demand it, developers create it, businesses sell it and companies begin to follow. I mean, that's what we did...

Our built environments are not designed to collect our compost (yet) and as consumers, we haven’t been trained to go the extra mile to collect our own compost and either organize a pickup service with a local company or drop it off.

This is an easy behavior change we can get behind!

But if we didn’t do anything different. If we didn’t start purchasing compostable* materials. If things stayed the same, because, “we don’t compost” then our planet continues to collect plastic at a rate that is highly unsustainable.

We don't want to be one of the only compostable pods* available on the market.

We want every single serve coffee pod for the Keurig machine to be compostable*, and we are just the BEST coffee. 

We have the power to change this. Join us on our mission!