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National Learn About Composting Day

When life gives you compost...grow a garden 🌻

On May 29th we are celebrating National Learn About Composting Day! Here at Tayst we are committed to protecting our environment, which is why all of our single serve pods and packaging are compostable*, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

plant sprouts in used tayst coffee pods

What is compost? Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and can be recycled to enrich soil and fertilize plants. We all want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and composting is a simple, cost-effective way to cut down on waste and show your garden some love.   You can learn more about compost with our at home composting guide

Getting started is easy. We advise against making composting too complicated. Just pile it all together and keep it moist. Materials for your compost are not hard to come by. There are countless ingredients that can be utilized in your compost system. Some common examples that you are likely to find around (or right outside) your home include: leaves, cardboard, dry cat and dog food, dryer lint, and food items, including our! 

In fact, coffee grounds are a valuable addition to your compost pile because they are a great source of nitrogen. With our innovative single-use pods you can enjoy the convenience of your Keurig guilt-free knowing that the entire pod can be recycled right back into the earth. But coffee, and especially our pods aren't just for composting...

(TAYST TIP:  You can throw a whole Tayst pod in your home compost, however, the ring may take longer to break down so we recommend separating the coffee mesh from the ring before adding it. )

Gardening With Tayst

tayst coffee pods being used to plant seeds

One of our creative customers, Sue Dufon of Michigan, has demonstrated how you can also use your Tayst pods as planters to start a home garden after enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. 

plant sprouts in used tayst coffee pods

Tayst Coffee pods make the perfect containers for your seedlings. Sue was able to successfully sprout a variety of different vegetables and greens! She also noted that she mixed the used coffee grounds from the pods with the soil to provide additional nutrients to the plants. 

The best part? You don’t have to worry about a hassle when it comes time to transfer your plants! Tayst’s compostable pods* can be transported directly into the ground or a larger pot.  TAYST TIP:  We recommend removing the ring before planting the pod in the ground, as it may restrict plant growth.

plant sprouts in used tayst coffee pods
First, we drink the coffee and then we do the gardening.  So grab your gardening gloves and get sprouting with Tayst sustainable, eco-friendly pods for your Keurig machine.