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What is Sustainability Anyway?

The Basics of Sustainability

Don't be fooled by the overuse of the word sustainability. Just like the word natural, if something is called "sustainable" it does not mean that it is. Be sure to raise an eyebrow and look further into your products when you see that tricky word being thrown around.

At Tayst Coffee we take transparency very seriously. We are BPI certified for our bags and pods and only source Rainforest Alliance certified beans. 

tayst coffee beans

What Does Sustainability Actually Mean? 

Sustainability, in essence, is simple. It is the practice of ensuring that we utilize our natural resources consistent with the rate our Earth can replenish them, without jeopardizing the security of future generations. 

There are three main components to sustainability - the social, economic and environmental complexities.

Socially we have learned behavior from birth through geographical, cultural, religious, and social influences that contribute to our ability to relate to our global environments beyond local paradigms.

Economically our world is more intertwined than any other time in history. How we measure the development, distribution, consumption, and disposal of material goods is insufficient, inaccurate and does not give proper calculations for natural environmental services compared to human interference on those natural systems.

Lastly, our environment holds clues to past geological epochs. Our biosphere is one complicated planet full of negative and positive feedback, planetary boundaries and mysteries that keep scientists engaged in research. 

Why is Sustainability Important? 


diagram of the greenhouse effect

Understanding sustainability and the many factors that affect it is an important part of combating climate change.

Without taking you on a science lesson all you need to know is we are living in a very large greenhouse. The main important greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor. Greenhouse gases absorb heat energy and warm the atmosphere, accelerating the existing greenhouse effect. When this happens a slew of changes to the Earth's systems happens too.

We are now a part of the generation that is tasked with figuring out how to solve the problems created from the industrial revolution and an increase in the human population in the single-serve, throw away society. 

How do You Know if a Company is Really Sustainable? 

No matter what industry you are in, sustainability should be of top concern. We are a business that knows this, which is why we are so proud of our product and that it solves a problem within the single-serve coffee market.

Don't just take a company's word for it when they put "sustainable" on the label. Where do they source their products? What materials do they use in their product and packaging? Do they support The Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations? If you dig a little deeper, you can find out if a company really deserves the sustainability label. 

We're proud to support The Sustainable Development Goals, especially numbers 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17 through our work here at Tayst. 


the 2030 agenda for sustainable environment

Remember the task seems big but as long as we are all in this together and start with the lowest hanging fruit we can implement change, create better business and remain focused on an equitable, sustainable future.