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Tayst Coffee Featured: LAFT Magazine

We're very excited to have been featured by LAFT Magazine as one of their favorite coffee blends for the holidays.



"Coffee plays such an integral part in most of our lives, right? Think about it; we wake up and what’s the first thing we do? Well, many people brew or grab a cup of coffee. We don’t claim to be coffee aficionados here, but every season we explore the latest blends. For the holidays, there’s nothing better than a warm cup of Joe."

Favorite Coffee Blends

"Speaking of giving back, Tayst is eco-friendly! The world’s first compostable pods*, Tayst believes a small change can make a huge impact. More than just coffee, Tayst is dedicated to building a zero footprint business. Every compostable pod* you purchase helps to reduce the plastic waste that pollutes our planet. Give the gift of the Tayst Starter Box: 18 cups of fresh roasted coffee for just $10!"

Full article: LAFT Magazine