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A Brand is Born

Tayst Coffee Roaster logo

Wow... what a year! (hand swipe across brow)
After about a year of fun work... a new start! I'm excited to announce the launch of a new venture, a new product, a new brand...  Tayst Coffee Roaster.

Tayst began as a project of passion... a place to put our energy into something that felt right.  It's all exciting... the branding, a vintage style, a cool site and and awesome product and purpose.  For the first 6 month's we tasted hundreds of coffee blends from dozens of suppliers around the world.  The final coffees we selected offered profound tastes we fell in love with, and think you will too.

Tayst is changing the Coffee Industry!

Single serve coffee has a bad rap, and for good reason.  The coffees generally suck, they're expensive and the little plastic cups are filling our landfills at a crazy rate.  Knowing the convenience of the Keurig Machine was not going away, we wanted to tackle these issues and make a difference.

While the taste of the coffees were a top priority, there was so much more we wanted to do.  Flavors were huge, but we wanted to feel the coffee... the stories, the people and communities where the coffee was grown. Working with Rainforest Alliance allowed us to hook into an amazing network of like-minded companies doing good in the world.  So now, every cup of coffee we sell supports the actual soil the coffee is grown in, as well as the farmers and their communities.   How cool!

Turning Great into Insanely Great!

So... we finally found this great coffee we were proud to put our names on.  Wow, our our hands ready to go… onward!

Next up, what do we put this coffee in to make it the best Single Serve Keurig compatible coffee pods in the world?  We looked at all kinds of recyclable plastics and compostable* cups, but never found a pod that had the potential for zero carbon footprint… until we found Purpod100.  Purpod is the world's first and only BPI certified compostable pods*. They are amazing. These beauties completely disintegrate within 41 days of composting, no toxins, no bad plastic.  This was it.
This pod allowed us to take our great coffee blends ... and make them Insanely Great.

As we continued down the path of building the Tayst brand... everything started to matter.  Our partners had to have an earthy presence and our products had to be eco friendly.  We're not fully where we want to be, but we're working with our partners as we continue going green.  We're calling it "from the earth and back again".

This is just the beginning.  Join us on our journey... Good Karma Awaits!

Insanely Great Coffee from Tayst Coffee on Vimeo.