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A Partnership In Sustainability

A cup of coffee sits on a textured wooden surface, surrounded by coffee beans, Tayst Nespresso capsules, with plants to the left.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning? For many of us, it’s the only way. When you’re traveling, there’s certainly no exception. 

We’ve got some exciting news…

Tayst Coffee Roaster (“Tayst”) is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the wonderful Curator Hotel & Resort Collection. (“Curator”) Curator chose us to be their exclusive coffee partner as a step in their journey toward sustainability. This partnership means that the members of Curator offer our high-quality, delicious, and eco-conscious coffee products. This includes compostable* pods, capsules, and packaging.

A Bit About Tayst Coffee

Tayst was founded in 2016 by two friends who share a passion for coffee and a belief in its power to make a positive impact on the world through better business practices. Greg Byrnes and Craig Handleman started Tayst with the goal of offering premium coffee products that are sustainably sourced and in harmony with the planet. Truly, products you can feel good about.

Quote: “15 billion plastic coffee pods a year going into our oceans and landfills is just wrong!” Greg Byrnes, Tayst Co-Founder

“15 billion plastic coffee pods a year going into our oceans and landfills is just wrong!” said Byrnes.

From pods to packaging, Tayst is completely compostable*. Not only are our products free of toxins, metals, microplastics, and GMOs, they actually put nutrients back in the ground.

About Curator Hotel & Resort Collection

Curator Hotel Collection is a unique business model that allows independent hotels the freedom to preserve their individual practices, preferences, and customer experiences. Curator cares about what makes each hotel unique.

Jennifer Barnwell, president of Curator, had the following to say regarding the partnership: “We believe in helping our members provide quality experiences that leave guests feeling good about their choice to stay at our properties. To successfully achieve this, we know that providing thoughtful products and services are important, and sustainable offerings are important to many travelers today. Partnering with Tayst Coffee will allow our members to make a small change that will have a huge impact on both their guests and our planet.”

When it comes to customizing a stay at one of Curator’s member hotels, there’s consumer demand for eco-friendly products and practices. 

Why Hotels Need Sustainable Partnerships 

The Vacationer recently published a survey created with the intention of evaluating customer preferences in sustainable travel. 

“More than 87% of American adults say sustainable travel is either Somewhat Important or Very Important to them. The 87.32% represents nearly 225 million people based on the current census.”

As the demand for sustainable, earth-friendly products continues to grow, many hotels are looking for ways to meet this demand without compromising the ability to provide quality and luxury.

When it comes to the conversation around sustainability, large corporations tend to put the responsibility on the individual consumer. However, one person can only do so much. Tayst is excited to make bigger moves, empowering other companies to take that responsibility off the individual and truly make a difference while providing a high quality and necessary product. 

Tayst provides the opportunity to consume thoughtfully.

If you’re interested in trying Tayst, take a look at what we offer.