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Best Essential Gifts for Coffee Lovers 2022

Best Coffee Subscriptions to Gift This Holiday Season


Two Cups of Coffee infront of holiday lights

For this holiday season, getting gifts for coffee lovers is easier than ever before. Even if you think they are the coffee lover that has all the coffee gear and coffee essentials, here at Tayst there’s always something for the coffee drinker that already has it all. 

To start, for the one you love the most, why not get them one of the best coffee gifts around: a coffee lovers gift basket? The perfect gift for a coffee drinker who wants to try out delicious coffee, the coffee gift box is customizable. You just have to answer three easy questions: 

How Many Months?

How Many Cups in Your Gift Box?  

What Type of Coffee? 

And that’s it! You can choose a one-time gift box, the perfect coffee sampler gift. You can also really make sure they know how much you care with a six-month coffee gift subscription. 

Every Type of Coffee to Gift This Holiday Season 

But a coffee gift set isn’t the only way to give a coffee lover in your life the best coffee gifts around. At Tayst coffee, our sustainable coffee comes in a variety of eco-friendly containers, to deliver delicious flavor with a sustainable message that feels just as right. 

Compostable Keurig Cups* 

The sustainable k cup that put us on the map as an environmentally friendly coffee brand that really cares, our compostable k cups* are the perfect sustainable coffee gift for anyone in your life. Made from biomaterials that are compostable*, your loved ones will thank you for this gift, and so will the Earth. 

Eco-Friendly Nespresso Pods 

If you’re loved ones this holiday season want eco-friendly coffee with a bit of a punch, sustainable espresso pods are the perfect gift for espresso lovers (and curious coffee lovers) everywhere. Made of the same compostable* material that our sustainable k cups are, these Nespresso pods have all the flavor of espresso and all the eco-friendly goodness the Earth needs. 

Rainforest Alliance Approved Ground Coffee

Of course, our sustainable espresso pods and Keurig cups come from ethical coffee beans farmed with the help of the Rainforest Alliance, making sure they're farmed with sustainability in mind. These eco-friendly coffee grounds come in reusable coffee containers, the coffee gift idea for a loved one who is living a no-waste lifestyle. 

Essential Coffee Gear Gifts 

But every coffee lover doesn’t just love coffee, they love all the coffee gear and gadgets that help them get the perfect brew, from cold to hot, there’s a preference for every coffee lover. What coffee essentials are they missing from their coffee bar? 

French Press 

Of all the coffee gift ideas around, if your coffee fanatic doesn’t have a french press prepare to change their life with easy-to-make gourmet coffee every time. The French press brews coffee that is deep, dark, and full of flavor that lasts from the first sip to the very last. 

Cold Brew Jar 

When it comes to an easy drink that tastes just as good in the winter as it does in the summer, cold brew is all the craze, with good reasons. All you have to do is pop a couple of Tayst’s eco-friendly Keurig pods into a cold brew jar, fill it with water, and let it sit for 24 hours, and you have delicious and incredibly versatile cold brew coffee. This is the perfect cheat code for coffee gear and is a great coffee gift idea that will be used constantly. 

Mug Tumbler

A gift mug is a perfect addition to a coffee lover’s gift set. For the student or commuter, an insulated coffee travel mug tumbler will keep cold drinks refrigerated and hot drinks just as fresh as the moment you brewed them. 

Single Serve Machines

The best solution for sustainable k cups or Nespresso cups, a single-serve machine will turn a coffee lover’s coffee bar into a mini cafe. Using a one-touch system, these single-serve coffee machines are easy to handle, brewing consistently delicious coffee cup after cup. 

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Coffee Accessories 

Besides the essentials, there is plenty of coffee gear that fits perfectly inside a stocking and is a fun little surprise to let them know you love them and love their obsession with coffee. They are also great additions to a coffee lover’s gift basket. 

Hand Grinder

For the coffee fanatic who wants to guarantee they get the perfect grind of their whole beans, but can’t stand the loud noise of a mechanical coffee grinder (or perhaps have a little one they don’t want to wake up), a hand grinder is a great coffee gift that gives them the best coffee grind results.  

Coffee Scale

Besides getting that perfect grind, a coffee perfectionist needs a coffee scale. When trying to perfect something like drip coffee, the process of pouring coffee to measure out the exact amount of hot water will change everything. A good coffee scale is the type of coffee gear gift that will crown you as the best gift giver around this holiday season. 

Milk Frother 

For the latte lover or amateur barista, a milk frother is an essential coffee gear that fits in any coffee lover’s gift set. From hot to cold coffee drinks, a milk frother will add a creamy addition to any latte, cappuccino, or a simple cup of coffee.