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Green Warriors - AVI Foodsystems

Say hello to AVI Foodsystems, part of the Tayst family since 2019. AVI is a family-owned business that provides food and beverages to clients in the business, education, healthcare and leisure sectors. Celebrating 60 years of continued success, AVI continues to grow and expand into new geographic markets and business segments.

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AVI has helped several customers take a big step in eliminating single-use plastic by offering healthy and sustainable Tayst pods to their clients. We’re proud to partner with AVI to offer hospitality clients the opportunity to eliminate single-use plastic from their daily coffee offerings. Since adding Tayst Coffee pods to their lineup AVI has successfully diverted over 75,000 plastic pods from oceans and landfills.

Single-use plastic is the biggest contributor to ocean pollution and AVI and Tayst are working together to be a part of the solution. Thanks, AVI, for your dedication to sustainability in food service.