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Green Warriors - Loeb-NYC

You don’t have to be crunchy granola to understand the need to eliminate single-use plastic. Single-use plastic is the number one contributor to oceanic pollution and is the next great challenge our generation has to tackle. Take our good friends at Loeb-NYC. Loeb-NYC is a venture capitalist company that is dedicated to bringing not only investments in cash, but also support through expertise, to young start-up companies. While their company is not solely dedicated to eco-solutions the company has realized the need to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible.

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Founded in 2006, the company has taken big steps to support small businesses as well as a greener planet. Since beginning with Tayst in 2019 the company has diverted nearly 10,000 plastic k-cups from landfills and oceans. Their dedication to a healthier planet can only trickle down to the new businesses they invest in and support. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to a better world.