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At Home Coffee Station Ideas

Since we were all locked in our houses for a while in 2020, we had to get creative in many ways. At home coffee was one of them! From Tik Tok coffee trends to cold brew science, it’s been easier than ever to stop wasting money at your local coffee shop and start brewing from home. With that being said, we have some ideas and tips for how you can make your at home coffee station rival a coffee shop. 


wall mounted mug rack

Image source: Pottery Barn

Coffee Bar Decor

In order to have a nice home coffee bar, you don’t need much space, you just need a way to organize your area. 

  • The first thing you need is coffee pod organization. Whether you opt for a pod display or a glass coffee jar, your coffee pods will be easy to find when you’re still trying to wake up in the morning.
  • To clear up space in your cabinets and counters, a wall mounted mug rack is a great solution. The best part about it is that you can fit a ton of Tayst coffee mugs on it.



hand frother

Image source: Taste of Home

Coffee Accessories

To be a fully realized coffee connoisseur, you need tools and accessories. 

  • Another big trend taking the world by storm is cold foam. It is actually so easy to make  cold foam from home, especially when you have a hand frother. Take a look at our cold foam recipe too!
  • Upgrade your sweetener game with some syrups for your coffee. Make a homemade syrup and store it in these dishwasher safe bottles in the fridge, or buy some ready made simple syrup.
  • If you’re looking to keep your teeth pearly white, but also want to be eco-conscious, reusable straws are a must-have in your home coffee station. This pack includes everything you need from being dishwasher safe, and having bent and straight straws.


tayst coffee!

Coffee, of Course

The only thing left you’ll need at your coffee station is… coffee! Tayst Coffee Roasters offers Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans either freshly ground, or packed in our compostable coffee pods*. From bold roasts, to vanilla and hazelnut, and even decaf - we have everything you need to stock up your home coffee bar.

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