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How to Grow a Coffee Tree

Grow a Coffee Tree at Home

Do you love coffee? Do you want to add a bit of greenery to your home, and be more eco-friendly? Growing a coffee plant is a fun process that can be done by anyone. It’s even a great activity to do with kids!

Is it Hard to Grow a Coffee Houseplant

Not at all! Actually, if you are just getting into houseplants, coffee plants can be relatively easy to grow and are a great houseplant for beginners who are nervous about keeping their plants alive. You just need to have a few crucial items to get set:

  • A couple of seeds from fresh coffee cherries (if this isn’t possible green coffee beans will work just as well). 
  • A paper towel or coffee filter. 
  • A plastic baggie. 
  • Potting soil.
  • A terra-cotta pot (make sure it has adequate drainage to prevent the roots from getting waterlogged and rot).  

Once you have these items (and a warm place, preferably a windowsill with good light), you’re all set and ready to start growing coffee plants!

Germinating the Seed

Soak a paper towel or coffee filter and wring it out so it’s damp. Coffee filters are a bit denser so it keeps the roots from growing into the fibers as it sprouts. Open the paper and place a couple of seeds on the bottom half of the paper, leaving an inch between seeds to give their roots room to grow.  Fold the paper over the seeds and slide them into a plastic baggie.

Blow a little air into the bag using a straw and then seal them up to speed up germination to turn the seed into a proper coffee plant houseplant. You can also leave the bag open and flat as well, but it may take a little longer to get the seeds to sprout.

Keep the baggies in a warm place, possibly by a window. The warmth will act like a little greenhouse, keeping the paper moist while you wait for the seeds to open up. 

Watch for it to Sprout 

After about a week or so, you'll notice the seed begin to sprout a root. When the root is about an inch (or two) you're ready to transplant. Don't let the sprout sit in the bag too long or it will rot.


Carefully transplant the bean sprout into the soil, and you’re almost done growing your coffee plant (yes, it’s really that easy)!  Plant only the root (the white part) into a light soil mixture. Drainage is important so you can add some sand as well.  Make sure to keep the green stem and seed coat above the soil. Only handle the sampling by the top seed coat so you don't disrupt the growing root.

Let it Grow!

Keep the soil moist, but don't overwater. And that's it. Take care of the plant and watch it grow for years to come. If it outgrows your terra-cotta pot, transfer it to a larger plastic pot (make sure there are holes at the bottom). 

Growing a coffee plant can be a fun and easy activity, great for the whole family, and adds a great touch of greenery to your house. We don’t just want to create eco-friendly coffee pods, we also want to build a green community of coffee lovers across the world. From growing coffee houseplants to learning how to compost for your home garden, we want to help make this world a better place. We'd love to see your trees as they grow.  Feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram.