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How to Thoroughly Clean Your Keurig Machine

keurig coffee machine

A Keurig machine is a fast, easy way to brew a cup of coffee on-demand — but if you don't occasionally clean it, it's going to get clogged with gunk. Keurig machines can experience mineral buildup (especially in areas with hard water), which will alter the taste of your brew and make the machine operate worse over time.

Cleaning a Keurig with Vinegar

The most common method of cleaning out a Keurig is to de-scale it with vinegar. Pour about a cup of vinegar and warm water into the basin of your Keurig and then run your Keurig continuously until the water runs clear. You will need to re-fill your Keurig with water and run it multiple times to remove all the vinegar solution from the Keurig. As you clean your Keurig with vinegar, you will likely see white particulate in the water. Your goal is to get that water "clean." The white particulate isn't harmful; it's just mineral buildup. But it's still not something you want in your cups of coffee!

Depending on how often you use your Keurig, you might want to clean it either monthly or weekly. Cleaning it more frequently means that the cleaning will be a lot faster. If you leave your Keurig for a few months, don't be surprised if you need to cycle the water quite a few times to get out all the buildup!

Cleaning a Keurig with Solution

You don't have to clean a Keurig with vinegar; you can also use a solution that's specifically made for coffee makers. Make sure you find one that mentions Keurig specifically, as there are espresso machine cleaners that work differently (they may suds up more, so it could overwhelm your machine). As with the vinegar, make sure you run it until the water runs clear. Your end goal should be crystal clear water for a nice, clear brew.

Cleaning the Rest of Your Keurig

In addition to the water basin and inner workings, you may want to rinse off the inner parts of your Keurig with warm water frequently, to get out any stray grounds. The outside of your Keurig machine can be cleaned with a damp, warm cloth. The drip tray of your Keurig should be cleaned frequently (daily or every other day), or mold and mildew may start to grow under your coffee maker.

A clean Keurig machine is the best way to experience Tayst Coffee Pods! Once you've cleaned out your Keurig, plug in a Tayst and see how much better it tastes from a clean machine.