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Top U.S. Compost Companies

At Tayst, we’re committed to protecting the environment while also making the process simple and enjoyable. Part of that mission means highlighting businesses that are helping combat pollution and food waste in creative and unique ways. 

We’ve compiled a list of top companies participating in a composting program so you can help eliminate harmful greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, support your local economy, and give nutrient-rich soil back to the community. 

Own or know of a business that should be on this list?  Send us a message at and let us know so we can keep this list updated.



top colorado composting company is Scraps Mile High

Colorado (Denver)

Scraps Mile High

Scraps is taking sustainability in Denver to a whole new level.  Before Scraps Mile High, residents in apartments and multi-family buildings didn’t have a way to collect and properly dispose of their compost; that’s what founder Christi Turner set out to solve.

Now the company works with local building owners to offer customized compost pickup services for all kinds of residents and businesses, from single-family and multi-family homes to restaurants and other small businesses.  And if that isn’t cool enough, Scraps is entirely “pedal-powered” by bikes and trikes.

Learn more about how Scraps is helping Denver’s economy and environment.



top florida composting company is Suncoast Compost

Florida (Tampa Bay)

Suncoast Compost

The Tampa Bay area throws away 1.3 million pounds of food every day, 95% of which ends up being burned or dumped into a landfill.  That’s why Suncoast Compost is committed to alleviating the problem and turning food waste back into, well, food! 

Keeping food out of landfills significantly reduces the amount of methane — a gas 20x more harmful than carbon dioxide — in the atmosphere.  And when that nearly 40 million tons of waste gets composted into nutrient-rich soil, it combats food insecurity by allowing more food to be grown for everyone.

See how Suncoast Compost is fighting climate change and food insecurity.



top georgia composting company is CompostNow

Georgia (Atlanta)


What was once Compost Wheels in Atlanta has merged to become Compost Now. The business is growing to become the national go-to for composting while supporting the individual communities it works with.

CompostNow members — which include homes, offices, and restaurants — get personalized pick-up on their regular garbage service days. For homes specifically, the company will track your waste reduction and compost creation down to the pound. Then, you can choose to receive compost in return or share it with local community gardens and urban farms to keep the “nutrient cycle” in your community.

See how CompostNow is inspiring a movement across the country.



Top illinois composting company is WasteNot Compost

Illinois (Chicago)

WasteNot Compost

WasteNot Compost was founded when Liam Donnelly started working at a local café at only 15 years old.  At the end of his shifts, he would take food and coffee waste home with him to compost in his backyard. The café began paying him for food scrap diversion, and WasteNot Compost was born.

Now the company services homes and all types of businesses including schools, restaurants, farmers markets, and, of course, coffee shops — and they do it all with zero-emission bicycle power. All business clients also receive benefits by way of green marketing, diversion metrics, and compost certifications.

See what WasteNot Compost can do for you and your community.



top new york composting company is Community Composting Company

New York (Hudson Valley)

Community Composting Company

Community Composting Company is a women-owned business that has been changing the food waste game since by focusing on advancing the 4 P’s: Planet, People, Place and Profit. They service residents, business, and institutions by collecting their food scraps that were formerly slated for landfill and instead they product compost with it. You can also buy compost from them as well!

See all the things Community Composting Company is doing in the Hudson Valley.



top north carolina composting company is CompostNow

North Carolina (Raleigh)


The same CompostNow that’s in Atlanta is also in Raleigh!

In case you missed it, CompostNow works with homes, offices, and restaurants to keep the “nutrient cycle” circulating in every community it works with.  They’ll even track your waste reduction and compost creation down to the pound.

Learn more about all the great things CompostNow does.



top tennessee composting company is Compost Nashville

Tennessee (Nashville)

Compost Nashville

Composting can sometimes seem like a hassle, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you’re living in the Nashville area.  Compost Nashville makes the process simple.  Fill up your bucket, put it outside every week, and receive compost in return twice a year. 

Compost Nashville partners with The Compost Company to accept more than you might expect: food waste, meal leftovers including meat and dairy, coffee grounds and filters, napkins and paper towels, paper plates and cups, toilet paper, dryer lint, nail clippings, pet hair, and more.

Check out Compost Nashville and discover how simple composting can be.



top washington d.c. composting company is Compost Cab

Washington D.C.

Compost Cab

Compost Cab puts community at the forefront of composting.  They partner with local urban farms, gardens, nonprofits, and government agencies to promote food production, education, nutrition, and job creation. Their mission? Zero waste.

By keeping this vision at the core of everything they do, Compost Cab is able to provide tools and support to organizations for things such as compost collection, training, data reporting, waste auditing, and LEED expertise.

Discover all the ways that Compost Cab is helping the community.



top pennsylvania composting company is Bennett Compost

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

Bennett Compost

Bennett Compost makes it easy to start composting. The company was started in 2009 when Tim Bennett wanted to compost but didn’t know how to because he lived in a second story apartment in South Philly. Currently, Bennett Compost picks up compost from nearly 4,000 households and businesses every week to keep over 70 tons of material out of the landfill every month.

All you have to do is fill their provided buckets with food waste and kitchen scraps and once a week Bennett Compost will empty the bucket for you! Learn more about Bennett Compost and sign up for a free month trial.



top texas composting company is Happy Earth Compost

Texas (Houston)

Happy Earth Compost

Houston’s first curbside compost service is helping to make the Earth a healthier and happier place one compost bin at a time! Started by a mother of three in 2019, she realized home composting wasn’t sustainable for the average family and wanted to make it more accessible for everyone in the Houston area.

All you have to do is sign up for a bi-weekly pick-up service, collect you food waste in their indoor our outdoor bin, and then on your designated day, Happy Earth Compost will come pick up your bucket and swap it with a clean one! You can also get free compost to use if you’ve been a member for over a month. Learn more about Happy Earth Compost.

At Tayst Coffee Roasters, we’re committed to being a leader in the eco-friendly space. Because of that we are constantly keeping an eye out for other green businesses with the same goals of making a positive impact on the environment and planet. Check out our green company directory for partners and leaders pushing to be green.