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Nitro Cold Brew Recipe

A pitcher of iced cold brew coffee.


Delicious, quick, and easy to make, cold brew is a coffee essential for a good reason. But recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about nitro cold brew, and we are so excited to talk about it. Just like our cold brew recipe, learning how to make nitro cold brew is a simple process that results in a refreshingly smooth drink that’s great regardless of when or where you are. 

What is Nitro Cold Brew

What is nitro cold brew, and what makes it different from its delicious counterpart, good ole iced coffee? Up to the very end, the recipes are almost identical. You let the coffee grounds steep for a long time (overnight, preferably) before letting the coffee cool, but after that is when things get fun. You infuse the cold brew with nitrogen (hence the nitro in nitro cold brew) and enjoy it cold, just like a regular cold brew. What makes nitro cold brew different from regular cold brew is the nitrogen bubbles, which change the texture, making the coffee silky smooth. 

“When you bubble nitrogen through, you get rid of any oxygen that's in your coffee. And so you preserve all these flavors that might not be there otherwise,” professor of chemistry Matt Hartings tells Here & Now.

What Has More Caffeine, Cold Brew, or Nitro Cold Brew?

If you need coffee that will be ready for those early mornings when you gotta get up and go, nitro cold brew is a perfect choice. Not only does nitro cold brew have more caffeine than simple cold brew, but it is also less acidic than cold brew. So, if you love the taste and convenience of cold brew, but can’t tolerate the acidity that comes with it, nitro cold brew is a fantastic alternative for those with sensitive stomachs. 

What Do You Need to Brew Nitro Cold Brew at Home? 

Not much! Besides a large glass jar to keep the coffee steeping overnight, you only need a few coffee pods (the flavor is up to you), and a whipped cream dispenser to inject your cold brew with nitrogen. Oh, and the pressurized nitrous oxide cartridge (they aren’t included with the dispenser, usually). There are plenty of great whipped cream dispenser options available, and they can be used to make a lot of delicious and fun drinks beyond nitro cold brew.

Nitro Cold Brew Recipe 

Now, how do you actually make nitro cold brew? 

Brew the Coffee

This can be done in a variety of ways. You can simply make a big batch of coffee in a french press or via filter coffee before leaving it in your fridge overnight. Or, if you really want to have a hands-off brewing experience, simply throw 5-7 Tayst coffee pods into a half-gallon container, fill it with filtered water, give your container a good shake, and leave it in your fridge overnight, and BOOM, delicious cold brew. 

Drip coffee made by pouring hot water into a paper filter.

Inject the Nitro 

Pour your cold brew into the whipped cream dispenser and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Charge the whipper with one cartridge. Discharge the gas, turn the canister upside down, and pour your fresh brew into a drinking glass.

Nitro Cold Brew being poured from a whipped cream dispenser.

That’s it! 

Wait, you thought there was more? Nope, it’s that easy! Besides the overnight brewing, this process takes less than five minutes, easily accommodating to your busy lifestyle and still providing you with a quality drink every time. 

That’s how to make nitro cold brew, a delicious, smooth, and invigorating drink that kicks your coffee game up a notch. If you make our nitro cold brew recipe be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.