Recycling Programs for plastic pods?

We have heard it before, that many offices are joining recycling programs for their plastic coffee pods as a solution to the waste they are generating.


 Here are the top reasons to consider otherwise.

  • Consumer Demand: We consumers don’t give ourselves enough credit in how we drive business. If we demand it, business will make it. Just look at what happened to the dairy industry. We eventually want all single serve coffee pods to be compostable for your health, the environment and a better cup of coffee. We’re not worried, our coffee will always be the better cup ;) Unless there is consumer demand this will seize to happen. Consumer demand for compostable products will also generate the development of more industrial composting facilities and allow society to adjust.
  • Environmental Footprint: Recycling plastic can cause more environmental and health risk than good. When plastic is melted down it produces volatile organic compounds or VOC. These toxins are released into the atmosphere creating a health risk for the local plants, animals, and humans who live near a recycling facility. Keep reading for more information about global warming and VOCs. The solution? Stop using plastic and innovate new technologies to improve plant-based plastics.
  • Better Coffee: Our mesh used to filter our pods yields a higher quality coffee. There will never be leaked plastic in your caffeinated beverage in the morning.
  • Fossil Fuels & Climate Change: As long as we purchase plastic than we are also supporting fossil fuel conglomerates and will be contributing to global warming. Behavior change is one of the hardest social science realities that is very difficult to address. If we continue using plastic pods but recycle them, this doesn’t solve the actual problem. The problem can be solved by us.

Is there something specific you would like to see us do in regards to sustainability?

Let our Director of Sustainability Programs know.