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Cold Brew Made Easy

It's Easy to Make Cold Brew from Tayst Coffee Pods

The mesh filter of Tayst Coffee pods makes it easy to make cold brew at home or work. The coffee in the pod is measured to the exact amount, ensuring your cold brew is consistent every time. This recipe is so simple that it’s easy to experiment a little with it by adjusting the amount of pods to your liking.  

Mason jar filled with Tayst coffee pods to make cold brew coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

You’ll want to add 1 Tayst coffee pod for every 8 ounces of water, so if you want to make it in bulk, place 8-10 Tayst coffee pods into a ½ gallon container.  We prefer a mason jar with a lid, so you can give it a shake once in a while.

All of the components you need to make cold brew coffee at home with coffee pods.

Fill the container with a half gallon of filtered water. (Try not to use plastic bottled water)  

Tayst coffee pods in mason jar canister to make cold brew coffee.

Put the cover on the container and give your cold brew a little shake to ensure all the pods have been soaked through.  

What the start of your cold brew coffee should look like if you're making it with Tayst coffee pods.

Chill the cold brew in the fridge overnight to allow it to steep to perfection.

 Finished cold brew coffee using Tayst coffee pods.

Enjoy your cold brew! 

Enjoy your cold brew!

Feeling adventurous?

  • Throw a couple of Vintage Vanilla pods in your cold brew to change things up.
  • Add some extra Tayst Coffee pods and water during the week to keep your cold brew jar filled.  
  • If you have some leftover brewed coffee during the week, throw it in an ice cube tray and add them to your finished cold brew to amp it up even more. We even add some sugar and half & half into our coffee ice cubes. 

There are tons of ways to customize this cold brew coffee recipe so try it out and show us on Instagram! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.