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Tayst Coffee, The First Compostable Single-Serve Coffee Pod Company in the U.S.

Tayst Coffee Makes a Splash Shipping Compostable* Single Serve Coffee to Homes and Offices

Long Beach, New York (September 20, 2016) Tayst Coffee’s new subscription service is delivering quality sustainably-sourced single serve coffees to homes and offices across America.

The new coffee line is the brainchild of successful entrepreneurs and longtime friends, Craig Handleman and Greg Byrnes, who saw a new opportunity in the fastest growing segment of the coffee industry – single serve cup coffee.

The over 12 billion K-Cups sold last year were enough to circle the globe a dozen times, bombarding landfills. “If we can get just 1% of coffee drinkers to replace their plastic cup solutions with the high-quality coffee in our Tayst pods, we could reduce waste and divert up to 100 million pods away from landfills,” challenges Byrnes.

Tayst is the first U.S. retailer to make use of compostable pods* in its full coffee line up – the only certified compostable* single serve cups designed to work in Keurig brewers. Testing shows they break down in as little as five weeks in the large-scale composting operations that many local governments and private waste services offer.  Composting returns valuable nutrients to the Earth’s soil, making the pods a key part of Tayst’s goal of being a zero footprint company, from product to packaging.

The quality of the coffee and the environmental benefits of the new pod are matched by Tayst’s convenient online shopping process. The easy-to-use, intelligent subscription platform offers direct-to-consumer and office shipments - no middleman required.  This formula cuts packaging and transportation to and from warehouses and retail outlets.  Tayst Coffee is delivered in beautiful, personalized Earth-friendly and post-recycled and/or compostable* packaging.

Eco-smart, delicious and easy. Tayst is changing the way the world does coffee, one serving at a time.

About Tayst:

Challenging the $100 billion coffee industry, Tayst Coffee packages sustainably sourced Amazing Coffee into the world’s first Compostable pods*. Earth-friendly packaging brings you your coffee fix on a monthly subscription. To experience Tayst Coffee visit


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Tayst Inc.
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Phone: (888) 518-2978

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