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The New Coffee Date

tayst coffee heart mug


It’s the season of love and we’re all looking for that special someone to be our valentine. Whether it’s your long-time partner or your next Tinder date finding COVID friendly date ideas can be a struggle. The days of casually going out for a cup of coffee are limited and now we have to be creative in keeping the love alive. Tayst is here to help with these creative stay-at-home date ideas!

Make an 'At Home' Coffee Bar

tayst coffee roasters mugs
Bust out your favorite mug and re-create everyone’s favorite date activity by bringing the coffee shop from the comfort of your home with an at home coffee bar. Show off your personality by sharing your favorite way to have your coffee. Whether your date is quarantining with you or you’re chatting over Zoom you can’t go wrong with sharing your coffee digs. 


Tip: Ask this on the first date..”What kind of coffee are you drinking?”

Plant a Coffee Garden

tayst coffee package bag
Got a green thumb? Try using your leftover coffee grounds (or pods) to plant some awesome veggies or microseeds. You can plant straight into your backyard or let them grow freely from your Tayst pods and keep them organized in a reused egg carton. Take turns showing off your work or if you’re staying together take turns planting your seeds.  
Things You'll Need:
Tayst pods
Micro green seeds 
*We recommend trying radish or basil.
Open you your Tayst pods, extract the coffee grounds and replace with soil. Sprinkle your extracted coffee grounds over your soil and plant your seeds. Keep a tray under your pods to capture any excess water or soil spillover. Lastly, water your seeds and wait for the magic to happen!

Make Arts and Crafts

tayst coffee subscription box

How could you have a quarantine without having arts and crafts? We recommend reusing our cardboard boxes to make your own Valentine’s Day box to store all your valentines...or make it a chocolate stash. Get the family involved by sending them a box for themselves and take 10% off any gift or gift subscription. Give your masterpieces to your date, friend, family member, or keep for yourself! 

Things You'll Need:

Tayst box

Construction paper



Your choice of decorations

Get started by cutting a slit at the top of your box to be ready to receive your treats. Cover the box in glue and cover with construction paper. Lastly, decorate to your heart's content!

tayst coffee subscription box


If you plan on spending the day by treating yourself, but want to spread the love take try our $8 introduction box and get a free mug! When you order a box you’re not only getting amazing coffee (but there’s no better reason than that), but your dollar stretches a lot further than you think. Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means, every purchase goes towards helping the farmers and communities that are a part of growing our beans. Spread love and not waste.