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The One Perk Every Office Must Have

When people are out there looking for jobs, aside from the details of the position they’re applying for, other factors go into their decision-making process as to whether or not the place of business is right for them. Candidates seek things like health benefits, a spacious office, kind and intelligent people to work alongside them, sufficient vacation time, proximity to public transportation, and so on.

Office coffee

All of these “perks” are undeniably valuable and most would consider them to be important factors to pursue while job hunting or to use as negotiation tools for both the potential employee as well as the hiring manager. But there’s one real perk that’s “perking” up offices the most. Coffee!

Yes, companies that provide fresh and free coffee for their employees have an advantage over others, says Business Insider. When it comes to a favorite incentive to make coming to work more gratifying, coffee is what’s hot… literally. So business owners, pay attention.

This relatively inexpensive bonus for your business will incentivize your employees and those seeking to join your team to work harder, better, and with greater satisfaction.

All thanks to something as simple as coffee.

According to World Cup Roasters, about 83% of U.S. adults drink coffee each day and 65% of those drink coffee at work, averaging three cups per day, as per Business Insider. That’s a lot of coffee, and wouldn’t it be nice to offer your employees a taste of what their craving? And it’s so easy and inexpensive to have coffee delivered directly to your office every month, with single-serve pods so each cup is fresh and delectable.

Eco-friendly Tayst Coffee offers different levels and types of roasts, flavors, caffeine preferences, and even espresso, so you can please all your workers’ taste buds when they’re jonesing for some java. See how it’s done right and start putting more smiles on the faces of the folks who make up your workforce.

Aside from great taste and convenience, offering coffee at the office comes with even more extras that make the decision to provide the beverage even better. With every sip, positive changes will begin to brew.

Increased Performance

The caffeine in each cup of coffee helps keep employees on the ball. Concentration, focus, and alertness become more acute, thus making work output more efficient and with higher quality. Workers stay energetic and ready to tackle any task at hand. Cheers to that!

Cultivates a Positive Atmosphere

Quick coffee breaks with other employees allows your team to make connections and closer relationships leading to better comradery and teamwork when it comes to meetings and projects. It gives employees a few moments to decompress in order to head back to their desks with a clear mind for their next item of business. And who wouldn’t look forward to arriving to work knowing free coffee is waiting for them? Plus, no need to worry about workers popping out of the office multiple times a day to get their coffee fix at the nearest Starbucks!

Impress Clients

Give office visitors and clients a warm welcome with a hot cup of coffee when they come for interviews, meetings, or sales pitches. As per World Cup Roasters, your office will be remembered by your hospitality and the impressive first impression left behind. Plus, remind them that the coffee they’re drinking is made of compostable pods* and from some of the world’s finest beans thanks to Tayst’s values and fine attention to detail.

Are you ready to start making a change in your employees’ satisfaction and office environment? It’s time to bring Tayst to your place of business. Subscribe today and see a difference in many tomorrows.