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Top 5 Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Coffee Makers

A pot of coffee being made with the pour-over method.

Let’s break it down: not all coffee makers are made equal. Finding the best eco-friendly and non-toxic coffee maker shouldn’t be as hard as it is! All these companies try to wow you with complex designs and over-the-top mechanics that expect you to be an experienced barista. That’s not what makes a high-quality coffee maker. What makes one is high-quality materials that will last, have a reasonable price point, and have a straightforward interface to guarantee anyone can make a delicious cup of coffee without needing to follow complex instructions. 

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

One of the best non-toxic coffee makers around, the Secura is a stainless steel french press that is known for consistently making a great cup of coffee. It is simple to assemble and comes with two extra filter screens to last you a long time. This plastic-free french press is made of stainless steel, and its well-made quality means it's durable and easy to clean either by hand or in a dishwasher. The 1-liter size is perfect for when you need to brew up a pot for a long day working at home or when you have guests over.

Presto 12 Cup Percolator

When you think of the traditional percolator, you don’t think of the best eco-friendly coffee makers, but Presto is here to change your mind. This non-toxic easy-to-use coffee maker is made of stainless steel as well, to help guarantee you keep microplastics and other toxins out of your morning brew. This percolator is “hotel style”, meaning it can brew up to 12 oz of coffee with the press of a single button. Easy to use and easier to clean, it even has a keep warm feature, meaning that you can brew a plastic-free pot of coffee in the morning, and it will still be warm in the afternoon.  

Tayst Keurig Compatible Coffee Machine with Tank

Making sure your sustainable coffee maker is toxic-free isn’t only about the machine itself, but about the coffee you use. Plastic Keurig pods aren’t only bad for the environment, they’re bad for you. When it comes to high-quality Keurig pod machines, Tayst Coffee Machine is the perfect BPA-free machine that features a 45oz fill capacity in its clear water reservoir.

Dowan Ceramic Pour-Over 

While the humble pour-over is always a favorite for making that daily cup, many pour-overs are made from plastic, which can leak into your coffee after excessive use. The Dowan Ceramic pour-over is made of porcelain and is one of the best non-electric drip coffee makers at a very affordable price, making it the perfect gift for somebody moving to college or moving into their first apartment. Made of high-quality ceramic, it has strong heat resistance and durability for long use and features an inner wall vertical rib to create distance between the coffee filter and the wall of the pour-over to help fully extract the coffee. 

AeroPress Original 

Another non-electric coffee maker that is known for delivering delicious taste, the Aeropress Original is also noteworthy for its sustainable touch to every cup of coffee. Since it uses a minimal amount of water and uses just a small paper filter with every cup of coffee, AeroPress guarantees a minimal amount of waste with every cup of coffee. 

What Coffee Brand Helps Guarantee a Plastic-Free and Toxic-Free Coffee Experience?

Especially if you are using a Keurig pod machine, go with Tayst coffee pods. These compostable coffee pods* are plastic-free, making sure every cup of toxic-free coffee you drink is better than the rest. Finding the best eco-friendly coffee maker is the right step to making the responsible choice for the planet while making sure you get the highest quality coffee around.