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Top Five Hotel and Hospitality Sustainability Trends

How Are Hotels (and Other Hospitality Services) Going Green

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As we keep on moving into the 21st century, new technologies and new reports have made it clear that going green is not just another thing to do, it's more important than ever before. With rising temperatures and trashing filling up landfills more than ever before, it is about time to put your hospitality services to the test and follow these trends. Making your hospitality service green not only helps make the world a better place, but is also a great way to advertise your business and prove to your clients that you care about the world, and not just your business. 

Measuring Your Carbon Footprint (For Free!) 

We’ve all heard the term carbon footprint before, but its significance hasn’t diminished anymore. Sustainability in hospitality can be narrowed down to a new and exciting initiative in tracking a hotel or other hospitality business: Hotel Carbon Management Initiative (HCMI). The HCMI is a free tool you can use to calculate your business's carbon footprint. This tool allows you to not only track your carbon footprint, but you can benchmark your performance, set measurable goals, and even complete corporate reports. All for free, this tool should be considered the first step any sustainable hospitality business should take to track and create goals in how they can reduce their carbon footprint

Minimizing Waste in the Bathroom 

Hotel’s waste management needs a wake-up call. On average it’s estimated that first-class rooms generate 3.2 pounds of waste each month. The newest hotel sustainability trend is now making sure to minimize waste in the bathroom, from helping to inform guests about how much water they are using during their showers, and making sure they have the option to not trade in their barely used towels for new ones every day. Not only does this reduce the lack of water that is potentially being wasted, but it also reduces the amount of electricity that can be used in washing and drying towels that have barely been used. 

Guaranteeing High-Quality Food and Beverage 

While recycling and saving water are important sustainability in the hospitality examples, making sure every aspect of someone’s stay at your is green requires more than a little bit of recycling. Making sure that your food and beverage are high quality are a crucial part of creating a sustainable hospitality business. This can involve local farmers, guaranteeing that you are providing farm-to-fork organic dining experiences. Locally sourced products are not only sustainable but they will also be considered by your guests to be part of a more luxurious experience that they can enjoy. 

Notes to Guests

While a hospitality service is in charge of making sure that they are sustainable as possible, it’s just as important to inform their guests of how they too can help create sustainability in the hospitality industry. Reminding guests that you have the opportunity to not trade in sheets, or towels, and receive brand new toiletries every day. Posting on social media to advertise your hotel’s sustainable practices, such as initiatives to reduce electricity usage, will not just help inform and educate your guests, but it will also compel your guests to behave more environmentally responsibly. 

Reducing Plastic 

Every year our landfills are growing and reducing our plastic waste in and out of hotels, Airbnb, and other hospitality services are the only way we can save the planet. Small changes to your guest’s rooms can make a big difference. Putting recycling bins in guest rooms, using compostable bags and cleaning products, and using compostable single-use coffee cups* can help push sustainability in your hospitality business. Using the compostable* coffee cups from Tayst Coffee is a great way to help entirely eliminate the waste from your coffee. Offering everything for a hospitality service, from bundled coffee deals to in-room coffee-making machines, Tayst coffee is the easy solution for providing your clientele with high-quality coffee with a low environmental impact. We even provide free coffee samples, so you can try before you buy. 

Why Does it Pay To Follow Hotel Sustainability Trends?  

Knowing how other hotels are going green can help make sure your hospitality business is staying environmentally relevant. Not only does this keep you on trend, but going green with products like compostable espresso pods* proves to your clientele that simply “going green” for your business is not just a selling point, it’s the opportunity to prove that your business is looking at the bigger picture, doing it’s personal best to keep on loving and appreciating Planet Earth.