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5 Unique Ways To Upgrade Your Coffee

Craving something other than your typical cream and sugar? From herbs to pumpkin spice there are many ways to give an extra kick to your steaming Cup of Joe. Be a coffee connoisseur with these five unique ways to upgrade your coffee.
 Lavender herb with coffee.
Immerse your taste buds with a lavender sprig in the morning. Lavender is widely known for its calming and stress relieving properties along with other medicinal uses. Taste light floral notes that drown out your coffee’s bitterness while also staying alert without the caffeine jitters. We recommend brewing our Vintage Vanilla with a dash of honey, and top it all off with some crushed lavender. 
Jar full of cloves.
Spice up your fall by adding cloves to your morning brew. Cloves have a ton of health benefits which include being high in antioxidants, regulating blood sugar levels, and much more. Cloves have a rich, earthy taste that will bring the crisp autumn air straight to your mug. Try them out with our Medium & Heroic blend. 
Himalayan pink salt.
Here’s a little trick to take away the pesky bitterness from your coffee: Add some salt. This is known as the ‘Alton Brown Trick’ where for every cup of water add half a spoon of salt. Put this method to the test with our Bold & Brazen roast.
Bulletproof Coffee. Coffee with grass fed butter.
Add butter to more than just toast. Butter is a secret weapon people use in their coffee to stay full for hours and retain focus. It is said that adding butter can activate your body to burn fat when you wake up the next morning. Now, don’t go and grab any butter lying in your fridge. Make sure it is unsalted, and from grass-fed cows. Add one tablespoon of melted butter or ghee, another form of butter most commonly used in Indian cuisine, to a cup of black coffee and stir.
Vanilla ice cream with coffee beans.
Ice cream
Have dessert for breakfast without the guilt. Skip the creamer for a large scoop of vanilla cream (or any ice cream of your choice), and pour your cold brew to the brim. Try out this caffeinated milkshake with any of our roasts for a delectable treat! Psst… we recommend our Happy Hazelnut.
We’re ready to have another cup with these delicious additives.
Go ahead and be a coffee snob with Tayst.