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What to Read With Your Roast

Tayst Compostable Pods for keurig

It’s that time of year to cozy up with your favorite book and brew. From rescuing Mother Earth to a blogger finding love we have the roast/read combo for you. Enjoy these books with our favorite blends to add an extra boost to your mornings (or evenings).

“There is No Planet B: A Handbook For The Make Or Break Years”

Kickstart your mornings by saving the earth in more ways than one. This book outlines ways to be a part of the bigger picture and gain a new level of importance to do your part. Take on your day with our Bold & Brazen pods! The smokey cocoa finish adds something extra to our strong roast, and the pods are eco-friendly. Save Earth one cup of coffee at a time.

eco friendly bold coffee pods for keurig

“A People’s History of the United States"

See the United States from your perspective. This book shines a light on the U.S. from a different perspective: The People. Zinn tells history through the eyes of women, minorities, immigrants, etc. show what the  “the land of the free” really means. This is an amazing read that would pair best with a full-bodied blend for the intellectual in you. We recommend our Bold & Brilliant pods to get you in the spirit.

tayst sustainable coffee pods for keurig

“Girl, Woman, Other”

Read the lives of twelve British Black women through the years. Experience their struggles, achievements, and familial life full of dynamic character that will keep you smiling. Accompany your read with Medium & Magnificent, a fruity mocha blend that will elevate your joy.  

Tayst Sustainable and eco friendly coffee pods for keurig

“Fifty Words for Rain”

Noriko “Nori” Kamiza, born of an affair between Japanese aristocrat and an African American GI soldier, is a threat to her family’s reputation. Her half brother  becomes an unexpected ally to her living the life that’s rightfully hers. Heroes have different stories, tell yours with a medium roast that won’t over power your coffee creation. Pop in a Medium & Heroic pod that is sweet and tangy to give you a boost to your day.

Tayst flavored vanilla eco friendly coffee pods for keurig

“One to Watch: A Novel"

Replace your rosé for a sweet Vintage Vanilla Cream with this one. The natural sweetness matches beautifully with Bea Schumacher, a plus-sized fashion blogger at the height of her career, but not in the name of love. Put off by the lack of diversity on the silver screen she gets a call for a new dating show. She plans to not find love, but the show has...other plans. 

Tayst decaf eco friendly coffee pods for keurig

“The Guest List”

Get your kick without the caffeine. Crack open this thriller at night to go on a suspenseful ride filled with jealousy, death, and a wedding. A luxe couple get married off the coast to Ireland. With secrets revealed and a body is found, who’s guilty? Complete the mood with a large cup of Defiantly Decaf and experience the rich goodness of a dark roast minus the jitters. Stay on the edge of your seat to find out what’s next...and for your next cup.  

guest list card

“You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”

Wake up to this light read on how to achieve happiness. Get a mug of Happy Hazelnut and inhale the nutty aroma while reading sound advice, inspirational stories, and a dash of vulgarity to keep things spicy. Live the life you love every morning while learning how to accept aspects about yourself you can’t change, while kicking some major *ss. 

Tayst Compostable Pods for Keurig
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