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Which Horror Movie You Should Watch Based On Your Coffee Blend

Dark, astonishing, and bold. Those are just a few things that both coffee and horror movies have in common. Coffee is the go-to drink whenever you want to taste full, aromatic flavors and feel that stimulating caffeine buzz. Horror, on the other hand, is the genre of choice when you want a good plot that shakes up all of your senses. So, if you’re in the mood for a good horror movie, here are some great choices based on your coffee preferences:

If you like your coffee black...

Watch The Shining

Want something exciting from start to finish? This Stephen King adaptation knows how to hook viewers, even at the very beginning, as Jack Torrance and his family approach the Overlook Hotel. The plot knows that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy because it has no flat moments.

This one’s a sure winner for black coffee drinkers who want a taste of Bold and Brazen coffee. You get a deep flavor with a powerful punch right from your first sip. So it's no surprise that black coffee and The Shining are the top picks for the brave.

If you like caffè latte...

Watch It

The fact that It is also a Stephen King adaptation lets you in on why it’s the highest-grossing horror film of all time. Though it may seem like a sweet story about children, things take a different turn as the plot develops.

Similarly, the caffè latte is creamy and smooth, without skimping on the caffeine. It's also lauded as Americas favorite coffee order because between 2017 and 2018, Americans drank over 67 million cups of latte. It makes sense, then, to put two favorites together.

If you like affogato...

Watch Midsommar

Think it’s all sunshine and rainbows in rural Scandinavia? That’s what Midsommar’s main character, Dani Ardor, thought as well. Everything seemed fine and dandy at the start of the celebration. What could go wrong with a carefree festival under the warm heat of midsummer? A lot, apparently.

An affogato is the perfect way to cool down after witnessing the, shall we say, blistering events of Midsommar. And most people opt for the Affogato Frappuccino from Starbuckssecret menu. The smooth vanilla cream is both chilly and sweet. And if the Ättestupa scene doesn't keep you up, the espresso shots will.

If you like Irish coffee...

Watch The Exorcist

Once you’ve watched The Exorcist, you’ll understand why kids are terrified of it. The Exorcist is a graphic and unpredictable movie that will keep you on your toes as the forces of good and evil do battle.

And it just so happens that Irish coffee isn't for kids either. But that's what makes it more exciting. The Jameson and the Tullamore D.E.W. are the most common whiskey choices for this concoction. With the right mix of coffee and alcohol, you can make an excellent cup of joe—with a kick!

If you like decaf coffee...

Watch Jaws

Jaws doesn’t have any supernatural elements, but it's still a thrilling—often terrifying—ride. The classic film uses familiar elements to give you a good scare and maybe even lead to a fear of deep waters.

On the other hand, the Nation Coffee Association points out that decaffeination takes out at least 97% of the caffeine in the beans. This means that a cup of decaf has 2 mg of caffeine, while regular ones have around 95 mg. Our Defiantly Decaf Coffee has very low caffeine content. Amazingly, it still contains the deep and dark flavor that every coffee lover wants!

Netflix and coffee, anyone? Put these two together, and, guaranteed, you'll be up all night! 


Written by: Jinky Baylin