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Composting vs. Recycling

When people talk about sustainability, recycling tends to be a focus. We at Tayst think that composting is both more effective and sustainable than recycling, at least in its current state. 

Coffee beans making up recycling symbol

How Compost is Different from Recycling

Many coffee producers started their journey to creating eco-friendly products with recyclable or reusable coffee pods. The hope behind them is that we can either reduce the amount of waste by repurposing recyclable pods as something new or eliminate the waste entirely by using reusable pods. Tayst decided to go a different route.

Recyclable cups sound great in theory but if you do some research on how to recycle k-cups, it’s eye-opening. Recycling facilities often send single-serve pods to landfills which can take centuries (yes, centuries) to break down; the pods may even contain a mix of substances that are impossible to recycle properly. Some studies show that in 2014 alone it was estimated that pods landfilled could circle the Earth more than 12 times. That is 298200 miles! Those sure aren’t recyclable coffee pods!

Then there’s the option of reusable coffee pods. First of all, they are not as easy to use as 100% ready-to-go single-serve Tayst Coffee pods.  The user needs to fill the reusable pod with ground coffee beans and wash the pods with each use. And after the reusable pod has outlived its usefulness, recycled they can’t even be considered recyclable coffee pods! Most reusable coffee pods are made out of a combination of aluminum, steel, and plastic, all of which are not the easiest to recycle

In comparison, Tayst’s compostable pods* completely break down after use. In the argument of compostable vs. recyclable, there’s a clear winner. As it naturally decomposes, these pods give back fertile nutrients to the soil. The lid is created from biological materials and water-based compostable* ink, the ring is made from the skins of natural beans, and even the unique mesh filter is designed with renewable bio-resins. No bad plastic, no harmful materials, no fuss. All Mother Earth. Great coffee that’s great for the ecosystem.

Cup of Tayst coffee in the morning

Why not just Recycle?

Recyclable coffee pods can cause more environmental and health risks than good. When plastic is melted down it produces volatile organic compounds or VOC. These toxins are released into the atmosphere creating a health risk for the local plants, animals, and humans who live near the recycling facility. The solution? Stop using petroleum-based plastics and improve plant-based plastics. Until then, we compost!

As long as we purchase plastic, we are supporting fossil fuel conglomerates and contributing to global warming. Behavior change is necessary if we are going to save the planet, recyclable coffee pods won’t solve the problem.  We need to switch to materials that break down easier.

Why Switch?

We consumers don’t give ourselves enough credit for how we drive business. If we demand it, businesses will make it. At Tayst, we want all single-serve coffee pods to be compostable* for your health, the environment, and a better cup of coffee. We know we have the best cup of coffee, but without customer demand, compostable* coffee (and therefore, a more sustainable future) will never be the norm, and landfills will pile up as we keep on debating ‘compostable vs. recyclable’. Consumer demand for compostable products will also generate the development of more industrial composting facilities. Demand is how we adjust to a greener future. By switching to Tayst, you can play your part in creating a greener future, one coffee at a time.

What We Do

Sure, using a single cup reusable filter is more earth-friendly than tossing away single-use cups, but there’s an even better product now available: compostable coffee pods* from Tayst Coffee™.

For those wondering about what to do with their Keurig or Nespresso machine if they want to make the smart switch to Tayst’s compostable pods*, don’t worry! We have something a little better than recyclable Keurig pods: compostable* ones! . You can use Tayst compostable pods* in your machine! Plus, to save gas (and your valuable time) you can order monthly subscriptions online to be delivered right to your home or office in eco-friendly, personalized packaging. It’s a win-win!

With Earth-friendly accolades, a breezy subscription platform at fair prices, and delivery right to your front door, what reason would anyone opt for the recyclable/reusable cups over the Tayst compostable* coffee solution?

Reusable is only beneficial when there’s zero impact on the Earth. When it comes to compostable vs. recyclable, composting always wins. Start your Tayst subscription today!


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