Why Compostable Coffee Pods Are Superior to Recyclable Ones

Regular K-Cup users who jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon promising to stop contributing to the senseless waste the traditional plastic coffee pods were creating breathed a sigh of relief upon the creation of recyclable/reusable cups recently created by Keurig and being replicated by other coffee product manufacturers.

Sure, using a single cup reusable filter is by far more earth-friendly than tossing each and every one after one measly use, but there’s a product now available that’s far superior for the world’s preservation that also offers unsurpassed deliciously fresh taste combined with ease of purchase and use… compostable coffee pods from the newly-launched company Tayst Coffee™.

eco friendly coffee tayst compostable pod

Tayst’s BPI compostable pods completely break down after use with proper disposal and give back fertile nutrients to the soil as it naturally decomposes. All the parts of the pod are made from the Earth – the lid is created from biological materials and water-based compostable ink, the ring is made from the skins of natural beans, and even the unique mesh filter is designed with renewable bio resins. No plastic, no harmful materials, no fuss. Only great coffee that’s great for the ecosystem.

The unique perks of the compostable pod, created by Purpod100™ outweigh the pros of the recyclable cup by the billions. How, you may ask?

12 billion plastic single-serve pods will be purchased this year alone. With such a huge, not to mention, negative eco-impact of the sheer volume of such widespread use, the greatest game-changer is by making the choice to utilize compostable pods instead.

The recyclable cups simply cannot compare. First of all, they are not as easy to use as the single-serve Tayst Coffee pods which are 100% ready to go. On the other hand, a user needs to fill the reusable ones with ground coffee beans, wash the pods with each use, and they are not made of compostable materials.

Yes, it’s better to opt for this reusable filter rather than tossing one traditional K-Cup after the next, filling landfills with piles upon piles of waste, but there are still non-recyclable elements to this item. As per Purpod100™, recycling facilities often send small items such as single-serve pods to landfills which can take centuries (yes, centuries) to break down, and the pods may contain a mix of substances rendering them impossible to recycle properly. So even though less pods are being tossed overall with the use of a reusable one, it may not really be the “recyclable” item as its being billed to be if it cannot actually be recycled!

For those wondering about what to do with their Keurig or Nespresso machine if they want to make the smart switch to Tayst’s compostable pods, there’s no problem. You can use Tayst compostable pods in the machine you already own! Plus, to save gas and your valuable time, you can order monthly subscriptions online in your favorite blends and flavors which will be delivered right to your home or office in eco-friendly, personalized packaging with no middlemen required, cutting down on even more eco-damage. It’s a win-win!

compostable k-cup coffee pod tayst

With Earth-friendly accolades, a breezy subscription platform at fair prices, and delivery right to your front door, what reason would anyone opt for the recyclable/reusable cups over the Tayst compostable coffee solution? Can’t think of one? Then you’re ready to experience Tayst for cup after cup of rich and flavorful coffee and espresso. You’ll never go back to the old brand and the Earth will thank you.

Reusable is only beneficial when there’s zero impact on the Earth. Compostable is the new way to do coffee. Start your Tayst subscription today.


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