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5 Reasons Office Managers LOVE Switching to Tayst Office Coffee

Tired of grainy, watered-down coffee in the office?  Feel guilty for throwing plastic single-serve pods in the trash just for them to end up in a landfill? Tayst coffee pods are great for your employees and the environment.


tayst coffee in a work meeting

What’s the best part about working nine-to-five in the office?  If you answered “the coffee,” you might be a little weird (unless your office is already drinking Tayst coffee).

Office coffee often tastes bitter or bland, and those plastic k-cups that come out of your Keurig® machine — they continue to pile up in landfills.  The coffee industry has a massive environmental problem, from packaging to cups to pods, but at Tayst Coffee we’re committed to making a difference.

Here are the top 5 reasons office managers love switching to Tayst in their office.

1. It’s convenient

One of the best things about Tayst is that the only work you have to do is open the box… if your employees don’t get to it first!  We want to provide the most convenient service possible, from order to brew to compost.

After your first order, we’ll automatically turn it into a monthly subscription and deliver it right to your office. Not ready to commit?  Grab a trial box for free.

Office Coffee Keurig Compostable

Here’s how easy it really is…

Place your order and receive a box at your office door every month. You can change the quantity or brew variety at any time, and our friendly Coffee Concierge support service is always ready to help when you need it.  

When you open the box, stick a pod in a Keurig single-serve brewing machine, then watch layers of flavor flow into your cup.  After the process is finished, simply go ahead and throw it into a compost or garbage bin... without guilt!

It’s that easy!  You never have to worry about contributing to a landfill again, which leads us to our next point…

2. It’s eco-friendly

Our mission is to solve the massive environmental problem created by plastics from Kcups and beyond.  Our Pods are compostable*, meaning that they actually break down and return vital nutrients back to the earth’s soil. 

Even our shipping materials are fully compostable*, recyclable, or reusable, and our direct-to-consumer model ensures that there’s no middleman to create extra waste.

How does it work?

Our pods consist of three parts: a lid made from biomaterials and water-based ink, a ring manufactured from natural bean skins, and a mesh filter of renewable bio resins.  When you dispose of it, the entire pod becomes one with the earth.  The planet will love it as much as you do.

diagram of the world's first 100% compostable coffee pod from tayst

And it’s not just the pods themselves that are great for the environment.  All of our coffee beans are sustainably sourced only from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.  These groups are audited every year in order to protect local biodiversity, ensure fair wages, maintain gender equality, and promote access to education. Tayst is committed to helping everyone involved in the production process.

3. It’s budget friendly

For a product crafted as carefully as Tayst's Keurig® compatible pods, you might expect to pay a high price.  That’s why we’re so pleased that our pods are budget-friendly for both businesses and homes.

Our prices start at $22 for 30 cups of coffee, and we offer packages for as low as 50 cents per cup.  Plus, every employee can receive 10% off of all home orders and subscription services.  How’s that for an office perk?

Most offices only see two options: Go out and spend $5 on a latte every day, or pay for single-serve coffee pods that taste watered down and pile up in a landfill.  Now everyone in the office can have insanely good coffee for less than a dollar — no more hanging around the water cooler!

Delicious office coffee

4. It tastes great… really

Everyone claims that their coffee tastes good, but we’ve designed ours specifically to stand out from the crowd.  It took us a year to develop coffee that is not only good for the environment, but that people crave to drink as well.

There is NO BAD PLASTIC for your coffee to run through.  The mesh filter allows for a more even distribution.  The result?  A cup that’s “flavor boosted” — bolder, richer, smoother, and vibrant with all the right notes.

Kick-off your morning right, or enjoy the subtlety of an afternoon sip.  Whether you like it bold, medium, blended, or decaf, we have a brew for you.

5. The Hugs & High Fives

It's all about the love. When you make the choice to do better, others will follow.  When you put awesome coffee out for the team, they'll love you for it. When they realize its not only great coffee, but also awesome for the planet... step back... hugs and high fives may ensue. 

So what now?

Still not convinced?  Check out the hundreds of testimonials we’ve received from our raving fans.  And if you’re ready to see what Tayst is all about, grab a free box for your office.

proudly serving tayst coffee


Written by: Zach Thanasilangkul


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