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Workplace Coffee Culture: A Boost in Productivity You Can Tayst

Do you remember a time when the water cooler was a central gathering place for breaks, gossip, and casual chatter? Meetings and desk time were for work, but the water cooler was a hub of idea generation and an unofficial touch point for workplace culture. Well, over the years, coffee has become the new break time bookmark. Better coffee, and a better coffee experience, is the new icon around which we gather, collaborate, and create.

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Following are just a few important reasons a great coffee culture is crucial for a healthy, productive workplace.

Integrating Lifestyle Markers at Work

Think of all the ways organizations have tried to mix personal life into the workplace in an effort to make the culture more lifestyle-inclusive and desirable. There’s bring your kid to work day, bring your pet to work day, casual dress Fridays, flexible rules for clocking in and out, holiday parties, company softball teams, and more. All of these are meant to humanize the workplace and allow glimpses of individuality among our colleagues. But most of these require that we take time away from work. Coffee, however, seamlessly brings together lifestyle and work. And when it’s great coffee culture, meaning a quality coffee experience, we bring together life, style, and work.

Inclusion and the Green Mission Buy-in

Many adopt an environmentally friendly ethic in everyday decisions. They use bleach cleaning alternatives, choose organic produce, and go for the all-natural, farm-fresh, locally grown juice at the farmer’s market. Does this extend to their work experience?

Does your company claim to be eco-friendly because of the barely used recycle bin in the corner and a few electric maintenance golf carts? Or is your company’s green ethic infused throughout all decisions, big and small? Choosing farmer-friendly coffee with compostable packaging is the best way to make the company green standard a visible part of everyday work life. And because coffee culture is a consumable activity, the choice to drink company coffee is a way for everyone to participate in and share company values.

Make Quality Caffeination a Perk People Enjoy

For some, the workplace coffee experience amounts to a burnt, half empty pot of lukewarm, watery grounds with a side of room temp dairy creamer. Yikes. No wonder so many people stop at the java drive-thru for their morning jolt. When 83% of adults drink coffee and 44% of them drink two to three cups per day, it’s worth sponsoring productivity and creativity with free coffee they’ll actually enjoy.

In fact, providing a coffee space near or within work zones, instead of relegating breaks to badly lit breakrooms, boosts productivity. Making people leave their space for great coffee is the old office layout that separates work from everything else. Take a lesson from casinos, who design their spaces to keep people active and engaged in their space, including entertainment, drinks, and the work of gaming. Combining mocha and mental breaks with the workspace, rather than creating a coffee culture apart from where the work lives, will significantly increase collaboration, problem solving, and productivity.

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Coffee culture is about place and space. It’s about quality taste, quality perks, and quality in collaborative productivity. Best of all, a great coffee culture is about sharing values and finding a touchpoint where life and work can cross-over - where everyone can have something in common.

Rather than making coffee an afterthought, discover an inclusive overall company culture with an ingredient you can Tayst.

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Written by Michelle L.