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Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste in 2018

Losing weight seems to be the most popular new year's resolution.  But what about a new year's resolution that not only benefits you, it benefits the entire planet as well?!

Reducing your plastic waste in 2018 can make you feel better about yourself and help the environment in the process.

Here are three easy ways to start reducing your plastic waste NOW.

1. Just Say NO! Stop Using Plastic Straws.

the US uses enough straws to wrap around Yankee Stadium

The most common single use plastic waste are straws. And saying not to plastic straws is probably the easiest way you can help the environment and reduce your plastic footprint.

According to The Last Plastic Straw, "in the U.S., we use 500 million straws a day! That is enough straw waste to wrap the circumference of the earth 2.5 times or to fill Yankee Stadium over 9 times in a year! Now imagine that magnified by global consumption!"

2. Bring The Bar Back! Switch From Liquid Soap to Bars of Soap.

Soap Bars

About a decade ago, bars of soap got a bad rep. And many consumers started to use liquid soaps and shower gels due to claims that they were more hygienic than sharing bars of soap with other members of your family. 

But that myth has been busted! Check out this NY Times article highlighting an experiment that concluded that washing even with contaminated bars of soap is unlikely to transfer bacteria, especially if the bar gets rinsed off between uses.

You've been producing more waste (and spending more money) on liquid soaps, shower gels and plastic poufs for nothing!

3. Use Compostable* Single Serve Coffee Pods.

tayst coffee roasters grounds

The 12+ billion K-Cups sold last year were enough to circle the globe a dozen times, bombarding landfills. But you can easily stop contributing to plastic pile-up of k-cups by switching to Tayst Coffee's compostable* single serve coffee pods.

“If we can get just 1% of coffee drinkers to replace their plastic cup solutions with the high-quality coffee in our Tayst pods, we could reduce waste and divert up to 100 million pods away from landfills,” says Tayst Coffee CEO Greg Byrnes.

Tayst Coffee pods are Keurig-compatible. It's amazing coffee, without the guilt!