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Eco Friendly Summer Essentials

coffee at the beach

Have an eco-friendly summer with these summer essentials. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is easier now than ever before, from drinking sustainable ethically sourced coffee to helping to save the bees, there are so many little things you can do to live a happier, healthier life that makes a positive impact on the world. 

For this summer, try out these sustainable alternatives to help live a healthier lifestyle.

All Good Sunscreen

It says it all in the name. All Good Sunscreen contains products that are environmentally friendly and still do a great job protecting your skin against deadly UV radiation. 

Many other sunscreens contain the chemical oxybenzone, a compound that can be harmful to coral reefs and other ocean life. Along these lines, the European Commission published a report on the safety of this UV filter and determined that there should be a concentration limit that most sunscreen manufacturers don’t follow.  

Oxybenzone is especially damaging to coral reefs by increasing the coral’s susceptibility to bleaching and damaging coral DNA, making it more difficult for them to reproduce. 

It’s as clear as day that making a sustainable alternative to oxybenzone sunscreens is an important step. Summer essentials like All Good Sunscreen or other oxybenzone-free sunscreens contain zinc oxide instead. 

Zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral that does a great job at protecting your skin against deadly UV rays without the nasty side effects found in oxybenzone. This sunscreen is a great way to have an eco-friendly summer by protecting your skin when you want to have fun in the sun. 

all good sport reef free sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach though. This summer, get out of your house for a breath of fresh air whenever. A great eco-friendly summer activity for you and the whole family is gardening! Teach your kids the magic of patience and a little bit of water by growing a garden. 

By growing a garden you can learn about the remarkable sustainable alternatives you can include in your life by making your own compost or by learning how to grow a coffee tree! Growing a garden is also a great way to move towards having a sustainable lifestyle all year (as long as you plant the right plants for the right season). If you work hard enough, you can even have fresh fruits and veggies! 

If you don’t have the time or the space to grow a garden outdoors, you can always grow houseplants. By adding a splash of green to your home or apartment, growing these houseplants will quickly turn into part of your summer essentials. You can even grow indoor plants that help clean the air! You heard that right, if you want your air quality to be improved (especially if you live in a city) house plants are a perfect choice. They are also perfect if you feel like starting a garden is too ambitious of a project. Who knows, maybe indoor house plants this summer, and a whole vegetable garden the next!

House plants by a window

Speaking of the big outdoors, the warm weather opens up so many possibilities for sustainable alternatives that make an eco-friendly summer a reality. Take, for instance, drying your clothes outside. There are countless benefits to hanging your clothes outside, but it’s also great for the environment, along with your wallet. Also, did we mention that on average fifteen minutes of hanging up laundry or removing it from the line burns around 68 calories?! It might be time to add wooden clips to your list of summer essentials and get outside. 

Clothings drying on a clothesline

There are plenty of other summer essentials that have a sustainable alternative. Sunglasses are just as important in protecting your eyes against those pesky rays. 

Pela Sunglasses are an eco-friendly alternative to regular old sunglasses. Their sustainable sunglasses are made with 33% less CO2e Emissions, 34% less water usage, and 82% less waste compared to conventional sunglasses and packaging. Those numbers add up to one eco-friendly summer. Pela sunglasses

You can send back your Pela case or sunglasses and Pela will repurpose them to give to someone in need, turn them into new products, or compost them. 

Of course, you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated this summer. With all that heat beating down on you, you need a water bottle that can match your eco-friendly summer essentials. No more single-use plastics! You know how we feel about them, we’ve practically made it our goal to say goodbye to nasty non-compostable trash (and help you to avoid microplastic in the process). 

There are plenty of great reusable water bottles you could use for an eco-friendly summer, but our favorite is the Welly. This minimalist (and reusable!) water bottle is made with high-quality insulated bamboo, making them perfect for every drink from hot cocoa to cold brew. Regardless of the season, this water bottle will work for the weather. 

They don’t just have a great product, but a green mission as well. 1+% of all sales goes to clean water projects worldwide, even showing you how your purchase has helped someone get sanitary water. Buying a sustainable alternative doesn’t just change your life, it can help change the world. 

Welly bottle black and pink top bundle

At Tayst Coffee, we believe that wholeheartedly. Your eco-friendly summer is about soaking up the sun and having fun, but your summer essentials can make you feel good while you do good for others. So brew some eco-friendly coffee, pour it into a travel mug, slap on some sunscreen and shades, and have fun! What sustainable alternatives have you been using to make a difference? We would love to hear about them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.