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Spotlight on an Earth-Friendly Company – From Product to Packaging

100% Compostable coffee

There’s a lot to consider when forming a company. Some of the most important elements include a top-notch product or service, an unfulfilled need that the company can tackle, a superb user experience, and a fair value.

When it comes to the food or beverage industry, great taste and high-quality count too. But when all of these elements are covered, what makes a company stand out among the pack is something that goes far beyond the items being sold and the customers reached.

Earth-friendly companies are taking value and service to a whole new level. Eco-consciousness is just as, if not more important than all the other attributes a company encompasses combined. Tayst Coffee is a prime example of such a company, taking the Earth-friendly movement seriously from product to packaging. Learn more about Tayst and how they’re making a difference in the way people are buying and drinking coffee while helping preserve and protect the world we live in.

The Product

Tayst Coffee is the first U.S. company to sell compostable* Purpod100™ single-serve coffee pods which are compatible with Keurig and Nespresso machines.

The pods are created using no bad plastic whatsoever, something that cannot be said for the landfill-flooding K-Cups which are literally destroying the planet.

Purpod100™ is BPI certified and breaks down in a timely manner in the appropriate composting environment, delivering nutrients back to the soil. The pod’s lid is made from bio materials and water-based compostable* ink. The ring is created from natural bean skins, and the filtrating mesh is designed with renewable bio resins. Every detail is eco-safe and works as well as, if not superior to traditional single-serve cups. In fact, the mesh design in Tayst’s products allows even more water to filter through, creating a cup of coffee that’s richer in taste and delivers a smoother mouth feel.

Purpod 100

Not only does Tayst care about the design of their pods, but about the coffee that’s inside them. The company selects only the finest beans from the most fertile soil on Earth from farmers who care about quality and health. Tayst supports the Rainforest Alliance in order to improve the livelihood of farmers and their surrounding communities. Farmers are assured to have decent working and living conditions and access to a good education for their children. Every cup of Tayst consumed not only gives back to the environment, but to the people who help create Tayst’s amazing coffee.

 The Packaging

Sometimes, it’s on the outside that counts as much as what’s inside. That’s what makes Tayst’s delivery method special and eco-friendly as well. No more trips to the grocer or coffee shop, now purchases can be made online via an easy-to-use, intelligent subscription platform which offers direct-to-consumer and office shipments - no middleman required. This method greatly reduces the impact of packaging and transportation to and from warehouses and retail outlets.  Tayst Coffee is delivered in beautiful, personalized Earth-friendly and post-recycled and/or compostable* packaging.

Reducing disposable plastic is the primary concern of the packaging partner used by Tayst and composting is the key to the environmentalism of the future. The packaging is well-made, reusable, and high-quality. The lightweight design keeps shipping costs down while protecting the goods inside. Only non-toxic ink is used and every detail is perfected to ensure the satisfaction of the subscriber upon delivery.

Every month, a Tayst member will receive a shipment of coffee pods of their choice of flavor and brew in the amount they’ve signed up for. Consistency and care for the Earth are taken as seriously for the delivery as the delicious coffee that awaits inside.

Tayst is making a difference in the world sip by sip. From creation to consumption, this company is a change-maker and will surely see other companies follow their smart and responsible lead.

Make the switch and subscribe to Tayst today.