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How to Make Coffee While Camping

A camp coffee-making setup including a kettle, a portable stove, and a thermos.

Fresh air, stunning views, and scenic nature. Camping is a lovely way to get out of the house and take a walk on the wild side. When camping or hiking it’s imperative that you have enough energy to finish the trail, set up your tent, or summit that peak. Regardless if you’re doing a day hike, planning a week-long excursion into the wilderness, or bringing your car to camp by a lake, starting your day in nature with a cup of coffee alongside a protein-packed breakfast is the best way to get the day going. Having a camping coffee maker might seem too bulky, but we promise you it’s easier than ever to learn how to make coffee while camping without compromising space or comfort. 

What Do You Need to Make the Best Cup of Camp Coffee?

Of course, before you start your day off with some fresh coffee, you need the equipment. Besides the coffee, you need your equipment to have a few qualities: you need it to be lightweight and you need it to be durable. Nothing is worse than finding coffee grounds at the bottom of your bag. Your camping coffee maker can be a few different things:


There’s a reason this handy little tool has taken the world by storm. The Aeropress is lightweight, extremely easy to use, and creates smooth coffee or espresso every time. 

French Press

While it might require a little TLC when packing the equipment in your backpack, a french press is an easy choice to make when camping. It’s a coffee essential in and out of the kitchen for a reason. Takes no time at all to boil your water, pour it into the french press, and have a warm cup of coffee to wake you up as the sun rises before the hike begins. 

Cowboy Coffee 

If you want a delicious cup of coffee that's Instagramable, authentic, and makes you feel like you’re about to rustle a herd of cows, an Enamelware Coffee Pot with a percolator is the way to go when it comes to choosing a camping coffee maker. Enamelware has that classic outdoorsy look and is incredibly durable, perfect for chucking into your bag and hitting the trail. 

Drip Coffee

Sometimes the simple route is the easiest. Drip coffee has been a staple forever for a good reason; it’s easy to use and easy to master. While exploring the great outdoors, you can easily use a collapsible pour-over coffee maker. Made with silicone and clear polypropylene, it can easily fit into a hiking bag without being damaged. 

A camper making coffee by pouring water over coffee grounds into a pour-over coffee maker.

Single Serve Coffeemaker

If your campgrounds are suited up with some type of electricity, you even have the luxury of using a single-serve coffee maker. You can even find sustainable single-serve pods that are not just delicious, but great for the environment as well. 

Non-Perishable Creamer for Delicious Camp Coffee

Powdered Milk 

When making camp coffee, you don’t have to sacrifice your preferred add-ons to coffee. Powdered milk (sometimes referred to as P-Milk) is a hit-or-miss experience. Some types are alright, and some are just awful. The Organic Dry Milk Powder is one of the best around. We’ll be honest, it’s not as good as the real stuff, but it won’t go bad in the heat and can still add a little something to your camping coffee-making experience. 

Almond Milk

And what about those with lactose intolerance? Luckily, these days there are plenty of options for a dairy-free life that doesn’t sacrifice milk in your coffee. You can even have shelf-stable almond milk! Same creamy taste without ever getting a stomach ache. Plus, it can last in your backpack without going bad (but still be careful on days when it’s extra hot). 

What Mugs Are Good For Camping?

I’m sorry that we are the ones that have to say it, but please don’t bring your espresso cups when you get some peaks to summit. Fortunately, there are a few perfectly suitable coffee containers that work with you and your backpack for making camp coffee

Simple Ceramic

It’s the diner staple for a reason. It’s a true underdog that should be given more credit than it gets. The classic ceramic coffee mug is durable and can hold a steaming cup of joe, and that’s all you need from a camping coffee mug. Should you test how durable it is by dropping it off a cliffside? No, please don’t do that. But if you wrap it in a towel or keep it in a snug corner of your camping bag, you shouldn’t have any concerns about it being damaged. 

Travel Mug Tumbler 

It works for the office and it would work for a walk in nature just as well. The stainless steel tumbler can preserve your coffee’s freshness for hours. You can brew your coffee on the campsite, peak the summit, and reward yourself with a hot cup of coffee as you watch the sunrise. Life doesn’t get better than that, and this camping coffee mug can make it happen. 

Camper pouring coffee from an insulated mug into a cup.

Enamelware Mug

Howdy cowboy, you need a mug to match that Enamelware coffee pot? Enamelware mugs are another great staple of outdoor barista goodness. Durable as all that, it’s a great fit for any camping collection, especially if you have the coffee pot to match.

What Coffee Should You Drink on the Trail?

Choosing the coffee is just as important as choosing the right camping coffee maker. If you love nature, you want to select a type of coffee that reflects it. Tayst coffee is a sustainable choice for all nature and coffee lovers. Not only is the coffee ethically sourced, but our single-serve coffee cups are compostable* as well. If you have a green thumb, you can even bury them in your garden, and watch as they break down and become part of your garden. No landfills, no problem! How cool is that? Support a coffee that has a mission behind the delicious flavor. Any camping trips with Tayst Coffee coming up? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.