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Sustainable Alternatives For Earth Day


Tayst is proud to offer great tasting, sustainable coffee with the convenience of monthly delivery.  We are always reaching for more sustainable solutions.  This past year we are delighted to have accomplished the following achievements in sustainability:

  • Introduced Rain Forest certified freshly ground coffee in recyclable cans
  • Reduced the amount of waste in our packaging by 25%
  • Decreased shipping emissions to offset our carbon footprint
  • Introduced sustainable single serve coffee solutions to 100+ Hotels, vastly reducing their amount of plastic waste.

    Join our movement this Earth Day and make a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.  Here's a few ways you can get started.

    Bring your own reusable cup

    Paper coffee cups are a problem for many reasons, but they involve deforestation, and waste millions of gallons of water. Using a reusable cup or tumbler is a great alternative to having your coffee on the go to keep your brew at your desired temperature. They also have an extra perk if you just have to have your Pumpkin Spice latte. Coffee shops may offer discount codes for when you're out on the go.


    tayst coffee roasters tote bag

    Reusable bags

    Plastic bags are a thing of the past, and canvas totes are the way to go. Over 300 cities in the United States have instituted plastic bag bans. One reusable bag can save up to 500 plastic bags per year, so imagine how many bags you’d save on your next grocery run? Don’t do the walk of shame and add one with your next box!


    tayst coffee pods making cold brew

    Make your cold brew

    Every season is iced coffee season, but at what cost? A typical cold brew can have artificial sugars and dairy products while contained in a plastic cup, and also adds a strike to your bank account. Make your own cold brew at home in just 3 easy steps with a cold brew kit to put these worries at ease. Fill up your canister with filtered water, add a few pods of your favorite roast, and let it sit in your fridge overnight. Save time and money for more coffee.

    tayst coffee clips

    Wooden Clips

    What’s keeping your coffee fresh? Put down the plastic clips in exchange for wooden clips. Natural fibers break down easier, especially when composted, and are durable without needing plastic. Seal your coffee bags with clips to keep your pods fresh and full of flavor.  A bonus 

    tayst coffee grounds

    Compostable Products*

    Replace your carbon footprint with a green thumb and use compostable products*. An easy way to do this is by removing plastic k-cups from your Keurig's by replacing them with compostable pods*! Billions of plastic k-pods are disposed each day. Switching to compostable pods* eliminates plastic waste because they are made of bio materials and recyclables that go very nicely in your compost garden. You don’t have to sacrifice coffee to save the world.

    Living a sustainable lifestyle does not happen all at once, but taking small steps each day has a huge impact. Help eliminate plastic waste by making the change to eco-friendly products.

    Get started for $8 plus a FREE mug and free shipping.  Earth, and your wallet, will thank you later.