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A Guide to Coffee Gifts this Valentine’s Day

A latte with cocoa on top sprinkled into the shape of a heart.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, spice up your presents for your loved one with a Valentine’s Day Coffee gift. Go beyond the basic box of chocolates and a teddy bear (but they aren’t bad additions) and tell your significant other that you really know them with a present that will remind them of you every single morning when they reach to pour a cup of coffee. These coffee presents are the perfect pairing with fun coffee drinks for Valentine’s Day to go along with any meal or dessert you plan on wowing your significant other with. 

The Best Valentine’s Day Fun Coffee Gifts 


$30 Ground Coffee Gift  

The Tayst Coffee staple, start off with Valentine’s coffee drink bundle any coffee lover would love to have in their house. This ground coffee present features 1 10.5-ounce can of our ultimate freshly roasted coffee bean flavor: the Bold and Brazen dark roast, along with a Tayst Coffee Mug and a personalized note. This eco-friendly Valentine’s Day present is the perfect easy gift to pair with a box of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers. 

$75 Capsules for Espresso Gift 

For someone who can’t get enough of espresso, and loves using their single-serve coffee machine, our compostable* espresso capsules gift bundle will make their hearts and their taste buds soar. This bundle includes 70 compostable* espresso capsules, 1 Tayst Coffee Mug, 1 Tayst Capsule Jar, and a Tayst Tote bag, so not only will you be able to make delicious Valentine’s Day hot drinks, but you’ll have all the coffee lover’s swag to go along with it. 

$150 Single Serve Coffee Machine Box 

A coffee lover’s romance doesn’t start with the coffee, it starts with the equipment. For some coffee fanatics, half the love is the coffee-making process. Speak their love language by giving them a new toy to play with for their Valentine’s coffee drink, with a single-serve coffee machine. The Valentine’s Day coffee bundle features a premium single-serve coffee maker, 60 compostable* Keurig pods of delicious Tayst Coffee, and 1 Tayst Coffee Jar. 

Valentine’s Day Coffee Drink Ideas 

Taking that extra step with your Valentine’s Day coffee gifts is a way to not just give a present to a coffee lover in your life, it’s a way to provide them with the love and attention you’ve always wanted to give, and make this Valentine’s Day just a little bit more special with a few of Tayst Coffee’s delicious coffee recipes: 

Matcha Espresso Fusion

Be part of the ever-growing matcha craze with a Valentine’s Day hot drink that will say just how much you mean to your significant other. The matcha trend is here for a reason! It adds a distinct and illuminating punch of flavor to any drink and is also packed full of added health benefits to start off your Valentine’s Day right. 

Nitro Cold Brew Recipe

For the cold brew fanatics out there, who love iced coffee regardless of what time of year it is, this one’s for you. This nitro cold brew is the perfect way to wake up your loved one on Valentine’s Day, with a drink that makes them feel refreshed and rejuvenated with just the right amount of caffeine. 

Coffee Cold Foam 

The sweet addition to any Valentine’s Day coffee drink ideas, coffee cold foam is the best way to add something a little extra to your significant other’s coffee. A straightforward and customizable recipe, in total this recipe will just take you four minutes to make, and the results are a delicious concoction to add to any coffee drink. 

Pumpkin Coffee Recipes   

Spice up your Valentine’s coffee drinks with pumpkin spice recipes. Who doesn’t love a sip of pumpkin deliciousness first thing in the morning? Make sure they know how much you mean to them with these three pumpkin coffee recipes that can turn any coffee drink into an Autumnal dream. 

Simple Syrup Recipes for Coffee (and More!)

When it comes to flavor, some simple sugar isn’t enough for your favorite person, so make sure you drizzle in something extra special with these infused simple syrup recipes, that work great for coffee, as well as other drinks. So, you can make some coffee with lavender-infused simple syrup in the morning, and use that same simple syrup at night when making a few cocktails to celebrate your and your significant other’s love. 

Why Should you Gift Coffee this Valentine’s Day? 

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but what matters most is the effort that is put into it. Coffee, similar to love, can be rich, deep, complex, and filled with something so profound you just keep on sipping, and can’t get enough of it. Show that your love means more than a simple store brought item this Valentine’s Day with coffee drink ideas that show you really mean it. Tayst Coffee is all about hosting an eco-friendly community of coffee lovers that are passionate about the Earth and coffee. Any other fun surprises for Valentine's day? Why not share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? From our family of coffee lovers to yours, happy Valentine’s Day.